Guest Post: Military Rolls Tanks Onto St. Louis Streets...But Why?

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

Military Rolls Tanks Onto St. Louis Streets...But Why?

I have to say that this event, which is being labeled a "training exercise", makes very little sense to me.  U.S. Army troops all the way from Maryland running open exercises in armored personnel carriers on the busy streets of St. Louis?  I know Maryland is a small state, but is there really not enough room at Ft. Detrick to accommodate a tank column and some troops?  Are there not entire fake neighborhood and town complexes built with taxpayer dollars on military bases across the country meant to facilitate a realistic urban environment for troops to train in?  And why travel hundreds of miles to Missouri?  At the very least, this is a massive waste of funds.

On the other hand, such an action on the part of the Department of Defense makes perfect sense if the goal is to acclimate citizens to the idea of seeing tanks and armed military acting in a policing capacity.  Just check out the two random idiots the local news affiliate picked to interview in St. Louis on the subject.  Both state that they think the exercise is a "great idea", because having the military on the streets would help to "reduce crime":

I suspect that the news affiliate did not go out of its way to get any counter-opinions, even though they admitted to being contacted by those voicing concerns over martial law.

Even so, it's sad and simultaneously terrifying that there are plenty of mindless dupes out there who do not understand the dangers of the Army crossing the Rubicon and acting in a civil law enforcement capacity, never mind that they are completely ignorant of the fact that it violates the Posse Comitatus Act.  One of the interviewees even points out that in some countries they don't use police at all; only military.  This is true.  We call those countries "tyrannies"...

Add to the mix the reality that the DOD refuses to respond to any further inquiries by the press concerning details of the training, and you get yet another suspicious instance of behavior on the part of the establishment that seems preparatory for domestic action.  I believe that the high frequency at which these activity reports have been coming in over the past year is certainly cause for alarm...

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Me thinks there is a country music song in there somewheres knukles...

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Winston Churchill? "Statesman"?? Actually, the the 20th century's premier warmonger (both rounds of the WW), genocide artist (east India Terror Famine, 1942-43), and bloody failed imperialist. Destroyed Germany, destroyed Europe, destroyed the British Empire, and mortally wounded western civilization.  In short, the first and worst of the Zio-Bankster stooge neo-conz. Though he doesn't deal with the Zionist wirepullers, Pat Buchanan's negative take on Churchill in THE UNNECESSARY WAR is substantially accurate.

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Not another Bush, Clinton or Kennedy a country of 312 Million we can't find some decent non-political, limited government types???? WTF

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Not any more. All the DECENT ones have sworn off elected whoring.

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Of course there are some. but they would never get any attention. so who would know? 

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does a steam roller even weigh 32k lbs?

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perhaps our new strategy is to make the enemy laugh themselves to death while we advance...

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Maybe they are training for occupation of Iran, Syria, or who knows where?

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Both state that they think the exercise is a "great idea", because having the military on the streets would help to "reduce crime":

Isn't it unconstitutional to use the army as law inforcement on American citizens?

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What is this "Constitution" you speak of?


Yes, it was, but I'm sure NDAA took care of that. 

Plus, three combat units already deployed stateside for "Homeland Security" role:

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The Constitution ... that's that old ship in Boston Harbour. Used ro stand for something, but can't seem to recall what that might be.

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Well, at least it used to be.
But then again, the law was never repealed, so it still may be, but that's a fucking technicality anymore.
The government, the folks sworn to uphold the laws, just ain't up to the task anymore, seems from time to time.

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There were national guard and federal troops in Detoit during the '67 race riot. I'm not commenting on the constituionality; just commenting that such things have happened before. Citizens were deputized in at least one suburb in case looters made it that far. One Detroit police precinct came under fire by a street mob. The police were simply outnumbered and not up to the task. Troops, bringing in out of area police, and deputizing citizens were three responses. Let's hope that Zimmerman isn't found innocent before winter sets in. The Trayvon/Zimmerman episode might also have interesting ripples if settled just before the Novemeber elections. Imagine the possibliities of riots, with Zimmerman winning and Obama losing at the same time. 

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Very clever trolling sir. You speak of some historical events to add context to the discussion. Good. You get the sheople to sympathise with the police. Very Clever, then you have got us hoping that Zimmerman is not found innocent. Jail that murderous recist pig!

A few more posts from you and we'll all be clamoring for the eradication of dangerous gun owners and domestic terrorists. Please Government Save ME!!!!!

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It's also unconstitutional for the US to engage in wars without congressional approval.  Words always SOUND good, until, that is, POWER needs to do something else...

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"On the other hand, such an action on the part of the Department of Defense makes perfect sense if the goal is to acclimate citizens to the idea of seeing tanks and armed military acting in a policing capacity. "


This reminds me of the TSA frisking and probing actions of all who fly. They know Israel and rogue elements within the US did 9/11/01. So, there is no war on Terror except for the staged events, going back to the Murrah Bldg and before. Killing our own people in order to gain unconstitutional power.


The point is to weaken us, our resolve, to get us used to abuses of our persons, gradually and systematically. this is just another step in the path toward totalitarian control, and further erosion of our "Constitution" and Bill of Rights.


No US Troops should be operating on US soil, so they want to set precedents and work at getting away with them.


It's sad, they feel we will do to them what they would so casually do to any of us, without remorse.

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the constitution is soooo....1700'ish

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obamney of the bush crime syndicate are completing the imposition of martial law....the fucktards who think otherwise are about to get a rude will see armed forces everywhere in the coming days and the end of the year, america will be a full fledged martial state....those cameras at every intersection in america were not put there for your "protection"....the body bags stockpiles and concentration camps jessee ventura documented were not purchased at taxpayer expense for nought....

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"you will see armed forces everywhere in the coming days and weeks"

Au contraire ... I don't think so (apart from isolated "training exercises" like the above, that are easlily "explained" in the MSM to the blissfully ignorant).

I expect a coordinated simultaneous nationwide sweep of oathkeepers, gun owners and "dissidents" to occur in the dead of a single night ... say, 2am Eastern / 4am Pacific, on a day in mid-September ... rounding up tens of thousands to the prepared FEMA camps in just a few hours.

They'll give us no chance to communicate warnings with each other and they have the technology to pinpoint the location of all the dissident twits, farcebookers and ZHedgers carrying the latest "smart" iCrap.

Ditch the iCrap and start agitating for accountability and state / local sovereignty now (particularly of local sheriffs) ... before it's too late.


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That's the kind of self-radicalizing claptrap that will get you rounded up.

i-dog's picture

LOL ... I swear, the trolls on here are getting dumber by the day!!!

A) It's none of your damn business what happens to me!

B) Even if you think it is (I gather you're a liberal and want to police what everyone else is saying and thinking?), I'm telling you it's not!

C) I'm already on the list for roundup.

D) So are you! ... for even reading this site, let alone having an account and posting here!

E) Even if you think you're safe because you are indeed a paid troll, I can assure you that you are considered as having been "tainted" by what you've read here and will be rounded up for 'mandatory re-education' (can you breathe underwater?) at exactly the same time as the rest of us - just in case you might have picked up any bright ideas here about liberty, constitutionality, letter of the law, and true patriotism to your community. You're obviously too stupid to be of any use to them after the clampdown!

Please pass this message on to your trolling mates and any other weasels you may associate with. Thank you.

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Don't get your panties twisted in a knot.. It's called sarcasm.

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For your freedom, of course!

More from DHS Insider

“Before we get into the grit, I want to make sure you’re clear about what we talked about before, especially about the economy. You know there’s talk at the highest levels about a coming financial meltdown. When I say the highest levels, I mean the highest. But certain information is being compartmentalized, and almost no information is being sent to out-of-the-loop law enforcement agencies about why things are about to get ugly. They’re getting bigger and better equipment and loving it - not questioning it beyond what they’re told. But here’s what you need to make sure everyone understands when you write about our talks: Despite the fact our economy is on life support, DHS will be budgeting another trillion dollars in surveillance measures and equipment for police state tactics for two reasons.The first is to protect the politicians and the elite who are concerned about their physical safety, and rightfully so. This is why you hear no meaningful objections from either party, because both sides are benefiting, at different levels, from the controlled economic meltdown. They are all in the pockets of the big banks, along with the regulators, and so on. They are paranoid. Even the few who aren’t neck deep in graft - just knee deep. When everything starts to unravel, they will be exposed as complicit, so they have been reminded not to object to the increase in police state tactics,” said my source.

“Secondly, everything is preemptive. The power elite are enabling the looting process by oppressing the truth, so they need to monitor everything. If they top can’t stop the details from getting out, and I’m not talking about news from [expletive deleted] MSNBC or the MSM news, but real news, they figure it’s going to get real ugly. DHS is not just being used as the controlling mechanism to stop people from seeking revenge against the people in power who caused the financial ruin or simply allowed it to happen, but to control information through surveillance, intimidation, and force if necessary,” stated my source.

Simply stated, it’s a two-part process that works together. “They [high-level DHS officials] are working through their fusion centers to coordinate specific riot control measures with certain municipalities, and have already started the process in the big cities. That’s for ‘blowback.’ But they want to keep the specific information from getting out, which is for control,” he added.

“Why do you think DHS added a bunch of silly domestic threat categories to their list, like people overly concerned with the U.S. Constitution, the Federal Reserve, and so-called conspiracies that in any world except their global financial shell game, makes absolutely no sense,” my source asked rhetorically. “Just make sure you emphasize that there is a degree of urgency at DHS over this that’s coming right from the top.”

There is a growing impatience of the top DHS and administration officials. It’s easy to recognize instructional commands that legitimately serve national security. Instead of serving legitimate national security threats, it’s about protecting individuals in our government, and not our country or the people. DHS and certain agencies under DHS have evolved into a personal security apparatus of government officials, it’s that simple,” he stated.

DHS is very busy monitoring people and groups considered threats to this administration, not our country. FISA is disregarded, as is the general rule of law, something with which this department, under this administration, remains unconcerned. The ends, which are questionable at best, justify the means in all cases,” stated this source.

The White House 2012 “war room”

“Right now, it seems as if the duties of DHS overlap those with political issues, such as the re-election campaign. As I mentioned before and can’t stress enough, the line between domestic terror threats and political ‘enemies’ is blurred beyond recognition,” stated my source.

“Here’s something to look for, a trial balloon of sorts,” stated my source. “Pick a state in the desert southwest, and consider a hideous threat to our national security. Now, wait for Obama, Napolitano and representatives of other agencies appear in a solemn news conference saying that they saved the country from a nearly successful attack on our soil by using an armed drone to strike a target on the ground before the terrorist attack could succeed. And the majority of Americans will applaud with pride. It will all be staged, although the true facts confined to only the highest levels of government.”

The purpose of such an exercise? Condition Americans to believe we need both surveillance and armed drones flying over our skies to keep us safe.

My source continued: “As we’ve discussed, I heard something that troubled me deeply, and still does. As Obama’s approval rating dips, desperation becomes more of an issue. There is much discussion about the racial divide in this country, and as we talked about, there is an anticipation over the Trayvon Martin case. Depending on how things go, they are determined to inflate this into a much larger issue, and plan to fan the flames of racial division to cause a much broader divide resulting in a chaos on the streets.

But a back-up plan might be in the works. Remember, this is just rumor, just talk, but it makes sense. Something that would cause deep sympathy for Obama and even the First Family - a false flag operation where Obama or his family would not be in any actual danger, but it would appear that way. Some sort of a threat or incident against them carried out by a person or group fitting the fictitious threat categories identified earlier. Perhaps by a pro-Second Amendment, constitutionalist and racist as well - making the most out of the fantasy threats to our country. Something that will fool a whole lot of people and justify police-state like practices. Something that will change the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, perhaps convincing them that there is a danger and Obama is right. Just the thought of such a thing is chilling.”

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Obama the plagiarist.

Ripping off Manson's Helter Skelter and worried about the homeboyz.

Texans to shoot Minnasotans, Ohio to Florida and Californians will stay put and just pass the bong.

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"“Before we get into the grit, I want to make sure you’re clear about what we talked about before, especially about the economy. You know there’s talk at the highest levels about a coming financial meltdown. When I say the highest levels, I mean the highest."


Oh shit.  He must be referring to the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

Clashfan's picture

Interesting read, thanks. Always difficult for me to trust those "insider," anonymous sources, though. This DHI sounds a lot like the WHI that is cited in another piece circultating blogs of this nature.

stant's picture

want to know why they did this? ask a soldier when you see one off duty.

phat ho's picture

it would be messier than that. You give them too much credit methinks.

lotusblue's picture

I think they were looking for cheap gas.Maryland Guard do this in Misouri so thier

neighbors don't see and laugh with disrespect.

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I wonder if this is what one of Clif's web bot hits was about as posted on May 30, 2012

June 27/28/29 - 'Unexpected' military events put pressure on populace (usa) that will bring [preppers] into [positions of responsibility] that will persist for months if not years.

web bot's picture

You're thinking the same thing I'm thinking...  :D

(not associated with the Web Bot people)

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I've read about this going to happen in a document that belongs to the Rockefeller Foundation.


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Show them your silver cross. Or threaten them with a transfer to the EU-front. But hide for the Bernank drone. Or do you still think he uses a heli?

phat ho's picture

maybe st. louis resembles damascus

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They don't have enough equipment or manpower to do this all over the US they just want you to think that. That's why I pray for the collapse asap before they do. I mean really.....they can't even get one towelhead country under control there gona conquer us too? Of course the towelheads fight for what they believe in that makes a difference.

dogbreath's picture

If somthing like this comes about then it will look like 1920's russia.  I lay out a few facts.

Ethnic divisions.

Financial class divisions - within this group are the welfare recipient group, foodstamps to banker bailouts.

Religous divisions.   apocalyptic christians for instance.  Catholic mexicans, 

Death squads.   professionals - no rules.

Ability to concentrate all manner of resources within a limited geography to cleanse.

"they can't even get one towelhead country under control there gona conquer us too? Of course the towelheads fight for what they believe in that makes a difference"  ----->   they will attempt to control but they already have extensive real estate and enourmous resources within the country.  In the stans we are forign invaders with no seure base which is untrue at home.

when the spark lights the fire, there will be those who are contemporary patriots versus constitutional patriots.    I think there are maybe 50 million supporters available to do the dirty work.  camp guards, neighborhood rat,  co-opted opportunists, black marketeers, approved drug dealers,  agent provocateurs,  These are the people who do not know the meaning of sell your soul.


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Mozes kriebel, wat een ongelooflijke teringzooi zeg.


Dutch for: God damn, what a fucked up world you live in.


I mean we

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First of all, if TPTB thinks that the military will roll on their own, they gots a big surprise.  Also, most Americans love their military.  If they are having an exersise they will accomodate.  But they would not be so cooperative if it was aggressive.

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From Buffalo Springfield:


And has.

LivermoreJim's picture

From Buffalo Springfield:


And has.

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Which is sure to make it a Rabbit Hole, right?