Larry Summers Does It Again

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Back in October 2011, our inaugural "Quote of the Week" went to that destroyer of pretty much everything, deep fried twinkies and value most certainly included, Larry Summers:

"The central irony of financial crisis is that while it is caused by too much confidence, too much borrowing and lending and too much spending, it can only be resolved with more confidence, more borrowing and lending, and more spending." Larry Summers, source

It is only fitting that the sequel to what to a large majority of people is the dumbest quote in history, will once again come from Larry Summers:

"Rather than focusing on lowering already epically low rates, governments that enjoy such low borrowing costs can improve their creditworthiness by borrowing more not less.Larry Summers, source.

3..... 2..... 1..... and #Ref!

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Matt's picture

So, I should max out all my lines of credit, credit cards, etc, in order to boost my credit worthiness?

If the credit score people lower my score, can I sue them and say that Larry Summers told me borrowing more INCREASES creditworthiness, not decreases it?

If the credit card company refuses to up my limit, can I sue them for preventing me from becoming more creditworthy?

samwell's picture

but why should this surprise any of us at all.  "Larry" is one of the white shoe boys from Harvard who believes in his conspirators in arms at the Jew owned and run central banks of the world.  In fact, if memory serves, "larry" is one of these Talmudic, racist, Zionist jews who seem to be in positions of power all over in this country despite the fact that all they do is screw up and make things difficult for the rest of us goyim.  see Larry is promulgating this sort of cognitive dissonance into the mainstream to provide cover to the federal reserve no matter what it does.  QE or not QE  if we experience a violent financial dislocation and continuing greater depression, it will be because "we" didn't cut interest rates enough or "we"didn't borrow enough as a society to satisfy the bankers.  If we only continue to bring more debt(money) into existance, will these criminal slimeballs be satisfied.  remember that the cental bank we have now is one of the original planks that the bolshevik Jews Marx and Engels rested communism on as a political philosophy.  look where that got the Ukranians with Stalin and Yagoda(NKVD).  Both Khazar (non biblical jews).  All of these jews we are dealing with from "Larry" summers to ben bernanke do what they do because they have been raised in extremist talmudic religious schools primarily in NYC from an early age.  They are tought in the satanic tradition of do as though will and that the vast majority of humans(goy) are stupid animals not worthy of any of their respect or consideration for they are a superior race of individuals who are gods special chosen people and that therefore they can do or say whatever they want because they are like God and we are there animals to use and abuse as they see fit.  why is it so hard for people to realize this.  i guess they are afraid to acknowledge the reality of what is going on because it would mean they would have to do something about it and most people are spineless jellyfish who could care less as long as they have their gladitorial games and boob Tube whore media to tell them what to think and how to act so they don't raise any suspicions.  ever wonder what the model for the TSA rapists was and where it came from?  Go to palestine and you will find out. the world's largest open air concentration camp.  pretty funny to here zionist jews say never again when they have it going on just across their apartheid wall.  what they mean is never again for them.  for the palestinians, no matter they are just cattle to be used and abused for their benefit.

boycott israeli goods

divest israel stocks

speak out 

samwell's picture

sorry, I'm not a copraphilliac like yourself, shithead!  That's the best you can do pussy?

potlatch's picture

I'm gonna need to see some footnotes dude.  sounds shady.

Peter Pan's picture

I am neither a racist nor an American, but it seems to me that the most incompetent and dangerous elements of the Jewish people seem to be in the employment of the United States government. They surely must be an embarrasment to decent Jewry. If I am wrong can someone tell me why?

Peter Pan's picture

I asked a question and I got a down tick. How about answer first or have I hit an embarrasing nerve?

samwell's picture

get used to it around here.  anything touchy like israel and jews is not to be discussed.  eratz Israel from the nile to the euphrates.  that is their goal.

potlatch's picture

everyone needs dreams.  its in our dna.  its the water, we are the fish. 

Breaker's picture

"I asked a question and I got a down tick. How about answer first or have I hit an embarrasing nerve?"

Don't flatter yourself. Saying stupid things is not "hitting a nerve." It's just saying stupid things.

samwell's picture

you are right, but it is no accident they are in these postions of power.  it is by design.  

the most extreme of the extreme (eg talmudic zionist school) are put up into these high positions of power.  just ask michael chertoff( ie skelatore) and Ben "shalom" Bernake the bringer of "peace".  they are classmates from one of these talmudic extremist religious training centers in NYC.  hell, ben bernanke cut his teeth for a jew gangster crime boss when he was at harvard by the name of alan shafer when he was home from study at harvard during summers.

 and here the C I A is "worried" about the Al C I A DA madrasses over in the middle east that they are financing themselves.  Nothing like a self inflicted gunshot wound to bring in the funding eh C I A.  It is called synthtic terror and it works quite well for the Zionist jew bankers army known as al-qaeda.  then the  CIA is the overseer of al-qaeda just as they were in afghanistan in the war against the soviets.  if the international zionist bankers ( ie central bankers) don't like your country's monetary system because they don't control it, look out.  just ask the libyans, syrians, iranians, iraqis, afghanis etc how well it worked out for them.  these zionist jews are ruthless and will stop at nothing.


its no coincidence that the CIA has largely been controlled by new york bankers since its inception.  the cia and the gansters on wall st. have a common goal.  screwing the american middle class, because lets face it, if the american middle class had any power, let alone existed, agencies like the C I A would no longer exist.  what we have instead is an army of consumer, fluoride addled mindless, inbred yuppy consumers who could care less who is on the murderer-in-chief's kill list as long as they can just take that vacation to the bahamas with their barby doll wife with fake tits next year.  but ask them how they would like it if they were on the kill list and they baaah like a sheep that they could never be on a "kill list" as they are a "good American" who has nothing to hide.


potlatch's picture

is he really as slow witted as he seems?  I only know his academic reputation, which is as middling as one might expect from an average (yesterday's C, tomorrow's A with honors) US brahmin.


Is he really this much a stooge?  It *does* fit his academic profile.  The man takes stoogery to Werner Von Braun levels of brilliance.  If Larry were Werner, he could put a series of stupidity mirrors into orbit to reflect back all human stupidity at any given time to any given location on earth.  The joystick is stuck Larry.  Leave it alone.


Gringo Viejo's picture

No Chris. He's a sociopath.

jcaz's picture

Larry Summers- Fucktard of The Year-  11th Year Running.....

Bill D. Cat's picture

This word " borrow " , does not mean what he thinks it means . 

Fred Hayek's picture

Maybe he's been taking engineering classes. In the world of engineering, we sometimes refer to "gravel borrow" or "ordinary borrow" in describing soil to be used in earthwork surrounding a building or under a road.

Perhaps that's what Larry meant. He's a secret polyglot fluent in the argot of many fields. He just seems like yet another hopeless finance world dipshit. Like a Justice League member desperately hiding a secret identity. Larry's hiding that he's not a 100% dipshit.

Eireann go Brach's picture

I would allow my son to swing his baseball bat at Summers head if we seen him in public! Then I would tell my son, you only get to do that once again in your lifetime, and John Corzine is the other hit!

philipat's picture

5 TRILLION dollars after Obama was given this advice by Summers, with respect, IT ISN't FUCKING WORKING. It's good that he is back on Campus where he can't do any harm, except to women.

He has my vote for the biggest asshole in the US. And there is plenty competition for that honour.

Matt's picture

To be fair, most of the deficit spending is for existing programs like the Perpetual Global War Initiative, the Keep Everyone Alive As Long As Possible Using the Most Expensive HealthCare System Possible Initiative, and the Pay People For Not Working Initiative.

Only a small amount went to stimulus in the form of grants and gaurantees for renewable energy companies, and there was no way Obama could tell the ones he was picking were the losers.

If only they had borrowed more and had bigger programs and invested in a broader range of companies, the odds they would have picked a winner would have been much better.

delacroix's picture

obviously obamas picker is brocken. look at michelle, and biden

potlatch's picture

Just wait till Joe Sixpack finds out about the Tessier-Ashpools

TheFuture_MrGittes's picture

Larry Summers vs Molly Millions... swift and bloody.

Soul Train's picture

Ouch. We are doomed.

Just load up best you can with pre-65 silver quarters and dimes. What more can I say?

It's just amazing.

potlatch's picture

I have more storehoused nickels than anyone else.  There are lots of rules regarding height or construction on private property: there are no rules as to how much mass you can own.


Go nickel or go home

LongSoupLine's picture

"Get this fucking retard off my stage. He's fucking up everything I meant!" - John Maynard Keynes

sumo's picture

If only Summers was the Greek FinMin. This slow motion trainwreck would be over by now.


Hulk's picture

Got Gold ???

CURWAR2012's picture

Got Gold? check

God Silver? Check

Got vault? check

Got water collection device? check

Got solar panel? check

Got guns and ammo? check

Got German Shepard? check

Uchtdorf's picture

Freudian slip? You wrote:

God Silver? Check

I like it! Not that I actually give that fine element the status of diety, but it will bless our lives a whole lot more than the plethora of Federal Reserve Hiney Wipes out there now.

Harry Dong's picture

a Freudian slip is saying one thing and meaning your mother

CURWAR2012's picture

must be an internal thought

IMA5U's picture

The only thing more painful than an idiotic and arrogant comment from Loser Summers is anything uttered out of the mouth of Paul Krugman.

Tom Green Swedish's picture

As Larry said to the Winklvi (Total A Holes). Creating a job is better than taking one.

Salt's picture

The Summers of our discontent. Wonderful.

NemoDeNovo's picture

"Rather than focusing on lowering already epically low rates, governments that enjoy such low borrowing costs can improve their creditworthiness by borrowing more not less.Larry Summers,


Yeah thats the ticket fix debt with debt - *RollsEyes*

We are SO Fucked........................

Acorn10012's picture

........yes, we are.

Summers, Obama, et al, BELIEVE this shit. Summers ran up the debt at Haaavard before leaving. Only in Bizarro World (or the USA) is this guy considered intelligent.

electricgorilla's picture

Yen a few minutes ago had a major flash crash


CloseToTheEdge's picture

7:14pm est
Japan's Finance Minister, Azumi, was quoted saying that "if these excessive moves continue, I will have to respond decisively".

as opposed to...

geewhiz190's picture

my guess yen peaked on friday. went short FXY. we'll see

geewhiz190's picture

i have trading at 78.13 down 4 pips

CloseToTheEdge's picture

Zombie Godzillas mannin the phones about now

Temporalist's picture

Larry "Bath Salts" Summers

Al Huxley's picture

That WOULD explain a lot of things.

sunkeye's picture

'larry - bad salts - summers'   funniest thing ive read in quite some time t/y

gimli's picture


tony bonn's picture

baghdad bob does paris hilton....what a complete fucktard