S&P 500: Floor Breach, Breach, Breach

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S&P 500 Futures are picking up speed to the downside on rising volume which takes it back to its 50DMA (as we note AAPL has also broken its 50DMA intraday now). Has the market finally grasped that in order for the Fed to greenlight QE stocks have.to.drop and that frontrunning QE by constantly buying stocks ahead of the ramp simply will not work? We'll know soon enough.

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S&P 500- e-mini futures breaking through support and trendlines


but for now, the sell-off has stalled and needs more broad-based risk asset selling to continue...

Chart: Capital Context

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But everything is priced in

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I realize fundamentals are virtually meaningless, but me thinks tomorrow's NFP is gonna be a market mover.

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NFP gets leaked every month, so yeah..

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Is someones head gonna get chopped off if the silver print starts w/ a 2 ?

Seriously fightin for that 30 mark.


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It already breached that a while back, but bounced back over.

And yes, there is likely a great deal of buying pressure below $30.

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According to Gallup, the seasonally adjusted U.S. unemployment rate is up in April:



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The best investment these days is lead ... the round type that is stored in brass cylinders.

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More like insurance than a store of wealth; but one without the other is useless these days.

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Algos are the only elements in the Universe that believes NFP numbers. You may be right.

Side note: from CNBC: "Milken is perpetually bullish on America" (possible partial reason behind Hendry's 1982 statement plus I think he invests in US agriculture for his customers)

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Look at the beautiful HNS pattern...

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Looks like a Mountain of Green in the middle.

Maybe it is a harbinger of some type.. 

I sense a bit of a face there too, but I wouln't make book on it.

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The neckline was broken...and down it plunged.

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USArmy Internment Procedures.pdf

Every economist should read this before making a forecast based on the economy. It should bear some weight on their advice.

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Big time, because the market has been really weird this week.  Like it's waiting for the big dump.

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The dow is still over 13 again, so they don't think most people give two shits in the wind. MOst are worried, for they don't want the ponzi to fail.

Face it, most everyone is bonded to this bitch in one form or another.

The more you know does not seem to help in finding if there is any fucking thing you can do about it.

Meeting fucking over. Have a cold beer, relax a little and say "fuck it".

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It is all Meredith Whitney's fault! She said banks are going to "struggle" next quarter..../sarc

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Who cares what she says, she's hot!.../sarc

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Everything will be down by Monday. The CFTC has raised margin on member by 35%, the CME issued the memo yesterday, it'll take effect Monday. The got rid of the member break. If I read it right, every bank in the US trading derivatives will need to come up with 35% more capital to trade.

It is a bargin my friend's picture


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that chart looks like something,

A guy?

A head?

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Fat "person" on their back.

5880's picture

I was implying H&S

Or Prell?

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Hey guys you can learn how to read charts here.


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That chart reading stuff is as important in this market as are the fundamentals.

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The French and Greek elections this weekend aren't going to help on Monday.

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Is monday a bank holiday???

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Huge pucker factor on the NFP in play .

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....nothing is going to help on Monday

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You mean this isn't a fat finger order entry mistake?

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Jeethner!  Save us!

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Well...it is about time.  Good grief, there are equity blood baths going on all over the market, and just about every single company that has reported has promptly sold off.

Of course, the SPY is always the last to figure anything out...as the synthetic buyer of every last dumb ass position taken on by the dip buying gang.

Front month VIX futures above 18.63 is a bit of a breakout on the near term chart.  VIX could put on a show here...

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One of the greatest ramp-ups in Stock Market History over the last few months on the expectation of more printing by the Fed.  If Bernank even speaks a sentence that contains the letters "Q" and "E", the market takes off like a Jack Rabbit on steroids.

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Below the hard deck doesn't count.

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the banker coup is complete. there is zero downside risk in the stock market. disclaimer: the last time i made that statement was in 2008.

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Time to start rearranging those deck chairs...

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ummm, no it doesn't

it's pushing the MA's

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Roh no Rhaggy, Rooks rike a rhost