The Ultimate Krugman Take-Down

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Forget Ali - Frazier; ignore Santelli - Liesman; dismiss Yankees - Red Sox; never mind Silva - Sonnen; the new undisputed standard by which all showdowns will be judged happened in Spain over the weekend. During a debate on Europe's crisis, Pedro Schwartz (a mild-mannered Spanish 'Austrian' economics professor) took on the heavyweight Paul 'I coulda been a Fed Chair contender' Krugman, and - in our humble opinion - wiped the floor with his Keynesian philosophy. From the medicinal use of more debt to fix too much debt, to the Japanization of world economies and the demand-side bias of every- and any-thing - interested only in the short-term economic growth; the gentlemanly Spaniard notes, with regard to the European crisis, the fact that "Keynesians got us into this mess and now we have to sacrifice our principals so that they can get us out of this mess". Humble and generous in his praise - though definitively serious with his criticism - Schwartz opines: "Often Nobel prize winners are tempted to pontificate on matters that are outside the specialty in which they have excelled," noting "the mantle of authority whereby what ever they say - whether sensible or not - is accepted with resignation from some and enthusiasm by others." Krugman's red-faced anger is evident at the conclusion as he even refused to shake Schwartz's hand after the debate.

For 15 minutes of both education and entertainment - this is as good as it gets...

  • Starting from around 35:00 the Spanish professor praises and criticizes in a thoughtful and gentle tone
  • At around 39:00, he addresses the demand-side description of the world
  • Krugman's less-than-happy response (which sparks quite a rowdy argument) begins around 48:20


(h/t Jean Luis Martin of the Truman Factor)

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catch edge ghost's picture

He'a all ego. He hears criticism and equates it to being called stupid. Absolute insecurity.

To be fair, being under constant attack like he is, or simply believing so, would leave most any animal feeling persecuted. It would behave defensively. But. Once you have received a Phd, or a Nobel Prize, or just a job at the NYT, you must rise above your simian ancestry and graduate beyond your limbic systems. He didn't, hasn't, and likely won't. That makes him mortal.

From one mortal to another, Pauly, fuck you for thinking you can make choices for me and everyfuckingone else on Earth. It just doesn't work that way dickhead.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Liberalism, in its current form, is nothing more than a house of cards.  It is more a religious belief than a political event.  It can stand up to criticism no more than religions can.  This is whty their zealots take criticism so personally.  They have no response because their beliefs have no foundation. 

giddy's picture

Libs worship at the alter of politics.  But they get it azz-backwards -- theology-wise.  The Bible teaches (am extrapolating here...) that while the "Kingdom of Heaven" is a liberal state of being -- to get there requires living a relatively conservative human existance.  It's based on the decalogue -- which say's you dont lie, cheat, steal, murder or sleep around (plus some other stuff) -- and the golden rule ("do unto others").  None of which liberals think applies to them.  Except the one about taking all the gold... they like that one.        

Seer's picture

Why do people feel that they can BROAD BRUSH everything?

Fucking ideologues, I hate You/Them all.

catch edge ghost's picture

The irony was too much. I had to 'fix it for ya'...

Why do [you] feel that [you] can BROAD BRUSH [liberals]?

Fucking ideologue, I hate [You.]


I can't answer for him obviously, but I think the answer to your question is, frustration. You're familiar with it. Gets the best of everyone now and then.

luna_man's picture



Boy, I'd Like to see "Pedro" really let it rip!...He hits hard!



Timmay's picture

Hey Paul, WHO IS GOING TO PAY? Oh, it doesn't matter? WHO IS GOING TO LEND TO US IF WE DON'T INTEND TO REPAY? Oh, we will repay when the economy is BOOMING? Booming? How? Taxes?

We have a complete misallocation of capitial because the world worships at the alter of "Weathermen". You have no fucking idea how to predict the behavior of 6 billion people.

F-ing shill.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

"What happens when the dollar has been so debased that we no longer have possession of the reserve currency?"

"Hummina, hummina, hummina......................"

Ricky Bobby's picture

Timmay you nailed it.

The people he serves have no intention of letting any of the 6 billion have a choice. They will be told what to think and how to act.

ReactionToClosedMinds's picture

once again, thank ZH for catching this & highlighting it

Joy on Maui's picture

I had no idea just how deceitful and willfully ignorant Krugman is.  Then I looked at his bulging waist line and double chin and figured he is just another sheeple headed for dumb and happy obesity.  Increasingly, one can draw fairly solid conclusions on people's grip on life in general by looking at their physique.  Too many empty calories = too much empty economics theory consumed and espoused by braindead sheeple headed for the final wealth transfer within Obamacare.

Yossarian's picture

Go to 1:44:40 to see both the best looking and perhaps brightest young Spanish economist ask Krugman whether inflation is in fact theft, just as it seems...

No, Krugman explains, we created this mess with inflationary policies and we now need to steal more in order to clean up the mess we made...

And at 140:09 a young economist points out Krugman's thesis that we needed stimulus- that time in the form of a housing bubble- to get out of the recession in 2003.  Krugan: come on, I was just joking...and if you don't believe me you are an idiot

WestVillageIdiot's picture

I pointed out that moment in an earlier post.  Krugman's response was so intellectually bankrupt that I was embarrassed for the piece of crap.  It is an insult that he goes to other nations and is represented as "an American" anything.  He is not an American. 

Seer's picture

Hey!  Krugman may just be doing us "Americans" a favor by looking stupid (whether he really is or not, it's the perception that matters).  It's either stupidity or maliciousness, and pitch forks usually come out for the later. (I'd be happy to offer him up but I'm afraid that the rest of the world is going to take it out on all "Americans".)

Seer's picture

I didn't stay for the Q&A, but Krugman sure looked liked a dunce.  Pretty hard to not come off looking better than him.

I do not think that Schwartz made his case.  Although no stammering fool for the State, he was only able to state how fucked up the Keynesians are: and this he did with ease.  HOWEVER, his "solution" was no more than hopium itself.  If I had to chose between the two I'd definitely endorse Schwartz.  HOWEVER... "sustainable growth" came out of Schwartz's mouth (a couple of times).  I would like to have FIVE MINUTES on stage with him to discuss this; I would place a very large wager that he would not be able to identify what he means without me being able to do to him what he did to Krugman.

Schwartz is just a better looking horse in the glue factory.  And, though he comes close to informing us that we're IN the glue factory, he does NOT.

Both roads lead to failure.  Since it is inevitable that there will be fragmentation I shall embrace the Euro "skeptics'" position. (since BIG=FAIL, making States bigger is NOT any kind of path to "success")

tictawk's picture

@1:45 in the debate, the question was asked by a lady in the audience.  Is inflation theft?  and krugman punted and essentially said it is not because govt does not guarantee the purchasing power of the currency.  This is dishonest.  IN fact, inflation benefits those who have leveraged assets because the return on their investment is huge while those at the bottom end of the economic scale get screwed because they don't own any assets, their purchasing power is eroded and they have a hard time making ends meet. 

How does Krugman maintain any credibility is beyond me.

Temporalist's picture

Student: "Dr. Krugman is inflation theft?"

Krugman: "Not if you don't know you've been robbed."

newengland's picture

So his paymasters agree. Amschel Rothschild said that the scam works because those who profit defend it, and those who lose from it do not understand it, so they won't fight it.

Seer's picture

As has always been the case, those WITH tend to make the rules and those rules ensure they they keep their "WITH."

People need to see/understand the underlying driver here.  It really IS about capital accumulation, as things are "set up" for such: take a look around and tell me that it hasn't been benefiting the wealthy!  The ONLY way this can occur is through a system whose core principle is GROWTH.  None of this would be a problem if not for the FACT that this is a finite planet and sooner or later in order to continue the game of accumulation you're going to have to TAKE from others (not your wealthy friends, though if things get tough they'll no longer be your "friends" and you'll start gorging on them as well).

This is the PROBLEM that I see that NO ONE seems willing to address.  TPTB's entire structure cannot exist with anything other than a perpetual growth environment (even for Schwartz; BTW - how come folks aren't bashing him for being in academia?).

newengland's picture

Crookman, the ungentlemanly thug; smugly elitist when the liquidity floats all boats, and pond scum when it doesn't. He is incapable of honest discourse.

Centurion9.41's picture

Krugman is such a little Gollum.

What always amazes me, though it shouldn't any one, is how the fundamental assumptions are never really challenged.

E.g. Gollum's assertion on inflation; why was he not slammed for the BS calculation and re-definition that it is?

As soon as he uttered the BS about inflation he should have been looked at like the fool he is and be told "are you shitting me, if the definition was consistent, and not manipulated, inflation would be almost 8%! That is the reality of eating when one has to go food shopping, something clearly Nobel laureates who are constantly invited to dinner parties never have real experience with!"

Furthermore, at one point he "takes off the table" the issue of these discussions concerning INSOLVENT states. WTF, they are ALL insolvent. Another moment where he should have been called to the carpet.

Kurgan better stay close to that dinner party crowd. Because if he comes out into the real world, he's going to get his @ss rightly handed back to him all black & blue.

Note bene, though the holocaust was a horrible thing, it was not by accident that so much relative silence surrounded its beginnings. Jews were deeply and broadly involved in the political, financial and economic theory and discussions from pre WWI to pre WWII. It is exactly the kind of BS lying and double speak Gollum here engaged in that led to Europeans simply remaining silent when the Jews were carted off. It was wrong, it was horrible, it should never happen again, etc. etc. But if you've ever sat back and wondered "how could so many have remained so silent"? Well, you are seeing how it formed.

Next time, it may not be the Jews again, but it will be some group, ethnic or economic or political. But in the end it will be the same. When the rising comes, and a group is carried off, the silence will be merely the affirmation of "f'em, they were lying double talking POS"

Its coming. The math is incontrovertible.

Personally, this time I think it's the elderly, the "Greatest Generation" and the Baby Boomers who voted this cluster F into existence that will bear the brunt of it. Medical safety nets will be cut and it may not be a full blown Solyent Green or Logan's Run, but when it gets bad the young who were raised in an immoral world will look at the old and say "F'em, they created this shit"

zebrasquid's picture

Millions of Boomers voted against those that brought down this great country. I understand the coming generational war, I predicted it years ago. It's obvious. Might be the best gift that my failed generation can give to the future generations is to not demand/expect to live large during the last decade or so of our years. Pull the plugs, if you have to..just don't see it as you exacting a punishment but rather some of us continuing to try to do the right thing..and something that can be given without winning an election. I, for one, will not be asking for/demanding a million dollar heart or liver transplant.

Technical Bard's picture

After 48:20, the fact that Krugman would claim that Schwartz does not have the "intellectual standing" to comment on the issue is atrocious.  ANYONE who can read and think should be "have standing" to comment on an issue.  And as Prof. Schwartz spoke intelligently to my mind makes him eminently qualified.

Also, Krugman argues three predictions:

  1. Would public sector borrowing compete with private sector borrowing?  The problem is that the free market didn't buy the public debt!  The central bank did by printing money, thus interest rates did not rise.    Also, using the US as the "example" is disingenous - because the US doesn't stand alone in the world market.  The US looks pretty good compared to Europe or Japan, so their interest rates WILL BE LOWER.  And they are.
  2. Large increases in the monetary base would lead to inflation and this did not happen.  The problem is that it did.  The stimulus was small compared to the economy as a whole, and particularly when compared to the derivative markets.  The increase in the government borrowing has caused inflation, or rather stopped deflation in the stock market.  We should have seen significant contraction in the markets as they were 'inflated' by the credit bubble.
  3. Does Austerity create growth or contraction?  The problem is that austerity will cause contraction in the short term - but in the long term it will be beneficial.  See Britain, New Zealand and Canada in the 1980s and 1990s respectively.   Long term government largesse destroys productivity and creates debt overhangs as has occurred in Japan (as noted by Schwartz).



P.T.Bull's picture

You put your finger on the entire keynsian/krugman ignorance. The refusal to look into the future--to see things systemically over time. All ponzi investors get richer for a time. Problem is a ponzi is not sustainable because it is redistributing wealth, not creating it.

Temporalist's picture

No as Krugman clearly states if you compare budget deficits and implied liabilities into the future you must compare them to GDP into the infinite future.  For him everything is as infinite as money supply and as simple as infinite growth.  He believes there cannot be contraction.  He believes in growth at all costs even when over eating results in obesity and death.  But the death will be because you starved for a day, i.e. austerity, not because you ate a dozen twinkies an hour for 40 years.

Coke and Hookers's picture

"Large increases in the monetary base would lead to inflation and this did not happen. The problem is that it did. The stimulus was small compared to the economy as a whole, and particularly when compared to the derivative markets. The increase in the government borrowing has caused inflation, or rather stopped deflation in the stock market. We should have seen significant contraction in the markets as they were 'inflated' by the credit bubble."

Very good point. Economics is often about selective arguments and fact picking and Krugman does that all the time. Krugman focuses on consumer price inflation to use as an argument but ignores all other inflated bubbles caused by low interest fiat. There are bubbles everywhere now (except in housing) and banks are specifically seeking out areas where they can create new bubbles with their free money. The bubbles will feed the banks through standard price rigging profits and asset harvesting when they burst - and the banks need to be rescued again with future taxpayer money resulting in more asset harvesting.

Krugman may even realize this and may really want this to happen because it will bring about the glorious collectivist future he dreams about with a middle class free society. He just can't say it so he makes up circular arguments and rolls his eyes to defend his position. I think he wants what's happening to happen.

Arthur's picture


What both economists seem to ignore is the vast theft/corruption that occurred leading to the Euro debt crises, how can you say either school is correct.  When the Greek farmer buys a Mercedes rather than the tractor for which the loan was supplied, does with either school account for such typical human behavior.  The same with the liar loans and mortgage fraud.

Loose money usually means lax lending standards, which causes bubbles and other problems.  Had lending standards been high and fraud guarded against, would the economic world be in such a mess?


P.T.Bull's picture

I think the austrian view is that if a farmer gets a private loan with a market interest rate and doesn't buy income producting property with it, no problem.

If the loan is subsidized by the government with the stated purpose of helping impoverished farmers, its the large government interventionism that is forcing taxpayers to subsidize the farmers and encouraging farmers to commit fraud. Large government is all about stealing from one group and giving to another. 

Arthur's picture

Perhaps, but what happens if fraud is avoided and the farmer actually increases production at a rate that covers the investment?  I think there would a net benefit.  


To me the problem is that most economists design their theories predicated on  "rational" and honest behavior, which collapse in the face of actual human behavior.



Seer's picture

I believe that it's only a question of TIME and not of IF.  Yes, I know people get tired of hearing this, but, as long as everything is predicated on perpetual growth things WILL collapse.

This is almost like the two political parties in the US, both blame the other for all the ills.  It's time to check the premise, and I believe that it's the System that's fundamentally flawed (and people can spare me the "we haven't really tried <insert whatever "system"> IF you cannot explain what it is supposed to do w/io including any nonsense that uses/is couched as "sustainable growth").

As much as Austrian economics is TRUER than the Keynesian economics, it's still NOT TRUE.  That is, it cannot escape the inevitable collapse from pushing perpetual growth on a finite planet.

Again, I favor Austrian economics, but I do so only because I see it as a pathway to understanding how we can really live sustainably.  Though I might be wrong on this point, I am NOT wrong in stating that we will ultimately be faced with having to do so (learn to live sustainably- physics/Mother Nature etc. etc.).

Seer's picture

Whoever down-arrowed me: How about trying to explain why?  I've been asking these basic questions for years and NO ONE is willing to try to answer them! (because cognitive dissonance won't allow them to question the premise!)

Seer's picture

So, it looks like I'm right- people just don't understand the premise.  So, guaranteed FAIL!

AnAnonymous's picture

How about trying to explain why?


Because they are Americans. And we, Americans, have overcome the environment. The more we consume, the more we will consume. Consumption engenders promises of more consumption and we, Americans, deliver on our promises.
That is why we are Americans.

Signed: an American.

Spontaneous Violence's picture

Can I say Krugman is a Cunt ... Off with his head!

Centurion9.41's picture

Uh, that would be the other C word, for cutting off heads....

P.T.Bull's picture

I have never seen krugman speak before, and I am none the poorer for having missed that. He is a creepy man of unshakable religious faith. To claim that europe is now some sort of showcase of the wisdom of borrowing and increasing the money supply is astonishingly stupid--and we all know a religios zealot like krugman is absolutely immune to that which challenges his faith.

His passive agressive whining about the credentials thing was amusing, as he is used to pulling the credential thing all the time--or letting his proxies do it on his behalf.

Brian's picture

Krugeman gets offended, and says, basically that his view has been proven because they've implemented his side's theories into practice and 1- Interest rates didn't soar; 2- inflation didn't occur; and 3- in countries in Europe where they didn't implement, there has been economic failure.

The easy answer to him is that his side's solution hasn't actually been implemented to completion yet.  The fact that economies that have been austrian have experienced pain is because Austrian theory says there will be some pain, you work through it, and only then is there a return to growth.  For Keynsians, the proof of their position would happen only after they stop manufacturing money and start to raise rates.  At that point, if the economy actually was self-sustaining, he'd have a case.  Since they have not been able to decrease printing or stimulus, then the fact that the world hasn't fallen apart yet is meaningless.  Since they will never be able to stop printing now, it is clear that they actually broke the economy.

The question is: when will the printing stop, then, if you believe that you've been successful?  If the answer is never, then you can't assert victory.


Centurion9.41's picture

Just watched the 1:40:00 section.

Gollum points to Barry Ritholtz as being as "a-political" as one can get ....what utter f'ing garbage.

He further more points to Ritholtz's book "The Big Lie" as proof the the political/FNM/FRE/CRA did not pla a central role in this bankruptcy crisis!

Yea the Fed's low interest rates played a key role in inflating the bubble in housing. But the crisis could NEVER have existed if it were not for the creation by THE FEDERAL GOV of MBSs and promoting the use of them via FNM/FRE. And BR and Gollum know it.

Tons of HONEST bankers warned and fought all of this BS until CRA was used as a threat of jail over their heads.

What happened after that?!

The HONEST bankers walked away and the SCUM BAG CRIMINAL CABAL bankers came in and used CDS's, after buying off NY INSURANCE REGULATORS and FED REGULATORS to turn a blind eye to reserve requirements, to jack leverage into triple digits, and to F with balance sheets via mark-to-model so their POLITICAL buddies could keep winning elections on the "right to a home BS"

And b political I mean BOTH the Dems & Republicans played the system so the asset inflation game could continue.

So the big lie really is guys like Krugman and Ritholtz playing journalistic cover for their political allies.

What lying POS.

janus's picture

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Escapeclaws's picture

A man who hates healthfood can't be all bad. Thanks for the laugh, and you are so right about the unfair sex. It's nice to hear from a man who isn't "biddable" (as women like to say).

Arthur's picture

I am not a Krugman fan but after watching the whole video, I thought he did a decent job of defending himself and his theories.  Dynamic and engaging he is not.

Escapeclaws's picture

I agree that Krugman definitely won the debate. He was able to inject some humor as well with some good one-liners. Schwartz was completely ineffective and vastly out-smarted. Nevertheless, I do not trust Keynesians bearing fiat.

Escapeclaws's picture

All I said is he won the debate--that seemed clear. I didn't say I agree with him. You didn't think the joke about the German-Greek football game was funny?

The word is delusional, by the way.

falak pema's picture

those escape claws are awesomely sharp.

Escapeclaws's picture

Thanks falak. Reminds me I've got to stop eating with my hands.

Escapeclaws's picture

You start out asking if I am "delusionary". From that point on it's one half-baked insult after another. In my vast experience, I've noticed that stupidity and aggressivity go together. Why don't you take your roadrage somewhere else? You don't contribute anything positive or worthwhile to the discussion. You want to think you're intelligent, or appear intelligent, but I doubt if you fool anyone. I seriously doubt that you know much physics or mathematics from your comments. I seriously doubt that you are even capable of reading Shakespeare, considering you have no ear for irony, which is what tripped you up in the first place in this thread.

You know you just have to discover what it is you are good at and not be jealous of others who are more gifted than you. Has this been a recurring problem for you?

post turtle saver's picture

Krugman is the personification of one of my favorite phrases... "He can dish it out, but he can't take it."