The US Recorded Its Warmest March In History And All We Got Was This Timelapse Video

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NOAA just released confirmation that the first quarter of 2012 was the warmest on record. The fact that we rely on 'seasonal adjustments' in macro data that are so critical in our seeming belief in the recovery of the US economy (and its extrapolation into how many iPads will be bought next month) when the temperature is 20% hotter than average is simply incredible.



U.S. records warmest March; more than 15,000 warm temperature records broken

First quarter of 2012 also warmest on record; early March tornado outbreak is year's first "billion dollar disaster"

Record and near-record breaking temperatures dominated the eastern two-thirds of the nation and contributed to the warmest March on record for the contiguous United States, a record that dates back to 1895. More than 15,000 warm temperature records were broken during the month.

The average temperature of 51.1°F was 8.6 degrees above the 20th century average for March and 0.5°F warmer than the previous warmest March in 1910. Of the more than 1,400 months (117+ years) that have passed since the U.S. climate record began, only one month, January 2006, has seen a larger departure from its average temperature than March 2012.

Note: The March 2012 Monthly Climate Report for the United States has several pages of supplemental information and data regarding the unprecedented early 2012 temperatures.

U.S. climate highlights — March

  • Every state in the nation experienced at least one record warm daily temperature during March. According to preliminary data, there were 15,272 warm temperature records broken (7,755 daytime records, 7,517 nighttime records). Hundreds of locations across the country broke their all-time March records. There were 21 instances of the nighttime temperatures being as warm, or warmer, than the existing record daytime temperature for a given date.
  • A persistent weather pattern led to 25 states east of the Rockies having their warmest March on record. An additional 15 states had monthly temperatures ranking among their ten warmest. That same pattern brought cooler-than-average conditions to the West Coast states of Washington, Oregon, and California.
  • Temperatures in Alaska during March, which are not included in the contiguous U.S. average value, ranked as the tenth coolest on record.
  • The nationally-averaged precipitation total was 2.73 inches, which is 0.33 inches above average. The Pacific Northwest and the Southern Plains were much wetter than average during March while drier-than-average conditions prevailed in the interior West, Northeast, and Florida. Colorado had its driest March on record.
  • According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, as of April 3rd, 36.8 percent of the contiguous U.S. was in drought, a decrease from 38.7 percent at the end of February and an increase from 28.8 percent a year ago on April 5, 2011. Above-average precipitation across the Southern Plains improved long-term drought conditions Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
  • Warmer-than-average conditions across the eastern U.S. also created an environment favorable for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. According to NOAA's Storm Prediction Center, there were 223 preliminary tornado reports during March, a month that averages 80 tornadoes annually. The majority of the tornadoes occurred during the March 2nd-3rd outbreak across the Ohio Valley and Southeast, which caused 40 fatalities. Total losses from this event are estimated to exceed $1.5 billion dollars, making this the first event of 2012 to exceed one billion dollars in damages and losses.
  • On March 9, a large weather system impacted the Hawaiian Islands, bringing extreme rainfall and severe thunderstorms. A rare EF-0 tornado hit the towns of Lanikai and Kailua on Oahu, causing minor damage. A hailstone with the largest diameter on record for the state, measuring 4¼ inches, fell on Oahu during this event.

Year-to-date (January-March)

  • The first three months of 2012 were also record warm for the contiguous United States with an average temperature of 42.0°F, 6.0°F above the long-term average.
  • Twenty-five states, all east of the Rockies, had their warmest first quarter on record, and an additional 16 states had first-quarter temperatures ranking among their ten warmest.
  • Numerous cities had a record warm January-March, including Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. No state in the contiguous U.S. had below-average January-March temperatures.
  • Alaska had its ninth coolest January-March period; temperatures were 5.2°F below average.
  • The nationally-averaged precipitation total for January-March was 0.29 inches below the long-term average. States across the Pacific Northwest and Southern Plains were wetter than average, while the Intermountain West, parts of the Ohio Valley, and the entire Eastern Seaboard were drier than average.
  • NOAA's U.S. Climate Extremes Index, an index that tracks the highest 10 percent and lowest 10 percent of extremes in temperature, precipitation, drought and tropical cyclones, was 39 percent, nearly twice the long-term average and the highest value on record for the January-March period. The predominant factor was the large area experiencing extremes in warm daily maximum and minimum temperatures.

Cold season (October-March) and 12-month period (April 2011-May 2012)

  • The cold season, which is defined as October 2011 through March 2012 and an important period for national heating needs, was second warmest on record for the contiguous U.S. with a nationally-averaged temperature 3.8°F above average. Only the cold season of 1999-2000 was warmer. Twenty-one states across the Midwest and Northeast, areas of the country with high annual heating demands, were record warm for the six-month period.
  • The previous 12-month period (April-March), which includes the second hottest summer (June-August) and fourth warmest winter (December-February), was the warmest such period for the contiguous United States. The 12-month running average temperature was 55.4°F, which is 2.6°F above the 20th century average.

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Quit with the red herrings....


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In fact wouldn't a little warmer be a good thing--or should it be a little cooler humm?


A bit of inflation is good too...

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now g, once you demonstrate that this is all under control, you'll have a relevant point. By the way, to what location were you referring for this optimum increase? The mid section of Africa? The southwest? What about optimum ocean height say in Indonesia?  

As long as we're talking timeline, explain the rate of change of carbon parts against all other time periods measured. Has the earth ever expereinced this? Are you sure of its affect?


V in PA's picture

Global Sea Ice 1979 to Present


Never more than 2 standard deviations away from 1979-2008 mean

Death and Gravity's picture

Yes, the Area.

Not the Volume, which wouldn't exactly be conductive to the denialist idea of nothing going on.

Flakmeister's picture

For the basis of comparison, I prefer this one for September....

I sure do see a lot of open water....

Care to comment on this data??? You know, the volume not the area of ice...

Colombian Gringo's picture

Quoting KariFlakmeisterlover,


Would you care to comment on this paper

here is an animated GIF that summarizes it

If you want to cherry pick 11 years, let me cherry pick 1992 as a starting point....

or perhaps this tidbit of data"


Good examples of all the best science Bankster money can buy......

Flakmeister's picture

My what a cunning riposte....

You just might be the saddest sack of shit to ever grace the Hedge...Do you also preferentially breathe through your mouth?

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You mad?  You shouldn't be.  With Trav gone, you are now the senior death worshipper here.

Funny that you can't see the inanity of bitching about global warming while also screaming about peak oil.

But then, maybe you are just hedging your bets, ensuring that no matter what happens, you have something you can point to that says "we're all going to die sometime between now and next Thursday".

respect the cock's picture

Did Trav get banned?  Wondering why I haven't seen him on here in awhile...what was the last straw?

francis_sawyer's picture

I miss Trav...

No offense to you cliff (at all)... I used to like your debates (both sides mostly)...

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i heard he got laid and he's in recovery for like 2 more weeks

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The promotion of Peak Oil is the promotion of resource scarcity.

The promotion of Global warming promotes alarm and false cures like carbon taxes.

Carbon taxes reduce wealth and resource freedom resulting in de-industrialization and collectivization of people and commerce by Malthusian bankster central planners that create artificial scarcity from fiat like they create debt from nothing.  Both are yokes for control and the engineering of a de-populated society around the techno-feudalistic framework of Agenda 21 so that the elite can truly rule.

It's all connected and clearly marked by the recurring feces of the whores that continually pimp these mutually related memes.  Notice they never argue or show alarm about real toxic threats to the people: GMO, Fukishima, Sodium Fluoride, Geo-engineering....funny how their great intellect is silent on these threats and never offers constructive arguments to deal with global population growth...only using its alarm as a clarion call for greater resource scarcity fear.

Death worship is the stock and trade of the Malthusian elite...and their minions.

DaveyJones's picture

"Funny that you can't see the inanity of bitching about global warming while also screaming about peak oil."

let's walk down that logic. If oil is indeed the densest form of energy ever naturally produced, then makind would build their entire civilization around it, no? If it was formed by unique concurrent events over millions of years, it would be limited. At some point, it would begin to get harder and harder to extract, no? At the same time, if we took a tremendous volume of this stuff and burned it into the atmosphere in say 100 years, that would be a "unique" earthly experience, right? It may have some, how shall we say, "unique" affects.

Now how again is it insane to examine both? 

Death and Gravity's picture

"And while the eastern US was experiencing this warm winter, the Arctic has more ocean ice than any year since we have been able to do satellite tracking, 20 years."

False. The arctic ice volume is at an all time low while there has been ice estimations and surveys. Recall that ice AREA does not equal ice VOLUME.

"Polar Bears, who did not get the memo on AGW, are at their greatest numbers since the 1940's"

Because of a ban on land hunting in Canada, yes.

"Europe had a cold winter,  and in the last 3 years, 5 of the coldest winters on record have been experienced in both hemispheres.  After our 2 previous very cold winters here in the US, a break was very welcome."

Exactly in line with expectations, which is more climate variability, and more extreme weather events.


"No measurable warming in the last 11 years."

Flat-out false. Debunked here:

"Definite cooling in the last 3-4 years, but not much of a trend....yet."

The 40-year tende is quite clear still.

mc_LDN's picture

Lots of chat about the Arctic, What about Antarctica? I would hazard a guess probably more important.

ATM's picture

"Ice estimations and surveys". In other words artic ice volume is calculated using a computer model. Sea ice extend is measured directly via satelite observation.

Polar bears are supposed to be drowning due to the lack of ice. That was the story sold but it isn't happening and it hasn't been happening. If Canada has banned "land hunts" that's news to me. Nobody hunts polar bears on land in Canada because the hunts are done in winter out on the ice where the bears live and those hunts are very much active. You could even book one if you had any money.

"More climate variablility". Would you care to produce the actual data to support the "more variability" claim? 

Global temps? How about simply using the satelite data? That's a nice constant number that keeps going up...


Or maybe it went up and now it's going down.

Death and Gravity's picture

""More climate variablility". Would you care to produce the actual data to support the "more variability" claim? "

To start out with, a theoretical foundation is what you should be looking for. Without that, i could supply you a ton of data, and you wouldn't be able to use it for anything.

Af for that, i refer you to the IPCC WG1 papers.

"Or maybe it went up and now it's going down."

Up on the 40 year trend and down on two doesn't convince anyone else than a denialist that "warming has stopped".

Death and Gravity's picture

As for the Polar Bears:


(Right, they don't get hunted on land. My bad. My knowledge of bears is rather slim I admit, and irt. the debate of climate change rather uninteresting. The only reason they get this much attention is that the Gore-haters desperately need some ammo against whatever he has said, and the polar bears is probably the one point where he was the least accurate in his inconvenient truth thing. In any case, correction acknowledged.).

Element's picture

I have a theory that states that 'Death and Gravity' is really 'Flakmeister' playing silly buggers.

Element's picture



And while the eastern US was experiencing this warm winter, the Arctic has more ocean ice than any year since we have been able to do satellite tracking, 20 years.


schhh!! ... you're really fucking up a neat little story mate.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Yeah, we laugh Rand since we know you liars work for the Banksters, who want to force carbon credits upon us, make us pay for the right to breathe. Hey, if you really believe in your CAGW religion, and believe humans are bad for creating CO2, lead by example and kill yourself.


I guess Carbon Dioxide is the new original sin, eh Asshole?

Death and Gravity's picture

"Yeah, we laugh Rand since we know you liars work for the Banksters, who want to force carbon credits upon us, make us pay for the right to breathe. Hey, if you really believe in your CAGW religion, and believe humans are bad for creating CO2, lead by example and kill yourself.


I guess Carbon Dioxide is the new original sin, eh Asshole?"


Thank you for illustrating how emotionally unstable your typical denialist is.

Colombian Gringo's picture

I guess this means you need to treat me for my denialism al a Kari Norgaard?  You are the fanatic trying to force your religion on me. I just want to be left alone.

Death and Gravity's picture

"You are the fanatic trying to force your religion on me. I just want to be left alone."


You are delusional. I'm not trying to force anything on anyone, I am however insisting on facts and not lies and distortion being the deciding factor in making ones opinion. As it is now, denialist fabrications, sponspored by Big Coal and Big Oil in the US, has heavily slanted the US public opinion and policymaking process.

tmosley's picture

And yet AGW researchers get 100X as much funding in grants alone as all the denialists get from all sources of funding.

If you are going to talk about biases, you need to talk about biases on BOTH sides, and find a way to control for them.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Quoting death and stupidity


"You are delusional. I'm not trying to force anything on anyone, I am however insisting on facts and not lies and distortion being the deciding factor in making ones opinion. As it is now, denialist fabrications, sponspored by Big Coal and Big Oil in the US, has heavily slanted the US public opinion and policymaking process."


and why is it that your 'science' is always demanding money from me? I understand that you are talking your book and selling your scam, but your hustle is dead and it is time to find a new fraud. Let it go.

knightowl77's picture

CO2 is not a threat to our planet. Idiots who side with Al Gore are.....


The temprature variations are caused by (wait for it..........) the Sun....


The LAST Ice Age ended more than 10,000 years ago, and since then we have been generally warming....Get it, the Ice Age ended, and since then we have been generally warming, though there have been several periods of warmer tempratures than now....

We've had the Medieval Warm Period which was almost 2 degrees warmer than it is now...

Now if you can explain why the last Ice Age ended long before the 1st SUV appeared or why the Medieval Warming Period was warmer than it is now.....even though there were no factories or (evil ) coal fired plants then I might give you some creditability

Flakmeister's picture

Trotting out tired old discredited arguments....

The MWP was not global and it sure as hell was not warmer than now....

Maybe you could explain the figure here:

tmosley's picture

Whoops, wrong again, at least according to a new study:

Let's see if new evidence changes your mind or if you remain a death worshipping zealot.

Flakmeister's picture

Yep,,, did you read what the author of the paper said about sites like WUWT misrepresenting his work?

Still claiming that Roundup is not an Endocrine Disruptor? Are you Cliff? 

knightowl77's picture

Neither old nor discredited....and recent studies do show that the "MWP" was WORLDWIDE, not just in Europe and yes it was WARMER by almost 2 degrees than it is today....


Nor does your skeptical science fraud website explain why we have been warming since the last age....when as far as I can tell there were no Hummers tooling around????

Flakmeister's picture

Really, could you point me to these studies? And blog entries at WUWT don't count...

And don't bother with Loehle 2008 either....

knightowl77's picture

hmmmm so you only accept "certain" studies????? Do you believe that it has not been warming since the end of the last Ice Age? That the glaciers have not been retreating for more than 9700 years before the 1st factory? Do you believe the temprature was a constant until say 1800? Or has the temp varied UP and DOWN over the centuries??? W/O any SUV's or factories, how is that, if man is the culprit? How?

Cuz, it is the SUN and it is and has been out of our control

Flakmeister's picture

I accept peer reviewed studies published in reputable journals...

Care to discuss what the Vostock ice cores are telling us?

Do you know what a strawman is? If so, please stop... the ones you are using are not very good ones...

What are the three main drivers of changes in the climate? Do you think that different ones can dominate at different times?

Do you think that dumping 200 million years of sequestered carbon back into the atmospher over a 200 year period is not going to change anything?

Cathartes Aura's picture

@ Columbian Gringo,

I guess this means you need to treat me for my denialism al a Kari Norgaard?

you need to upgrade your insults, your obsessive use of Kari Norgaard to mock other posts is boring and childish.  in that infamous thread there was a post which showed how the "treated" word attributed to her was in fact written by the UofO and that shrill mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh gratefully ran with the ball:

The subject of the bloggers’ ire appears to have sprung from an inaccurate description of Norgaard’s work that appeared in a UO news release.

It said: “Resistance at individual and societal levels must be recognized and treated before real action can be taken to effectively address threats facing the planet from human-­caused contributions to climate change.”

Norgaard’s study, which she is working on with professor Robert Brulle at Drexel University in Philadelphia, actually suggested that societal resistance to the idea of climate change should be recognized and addressed through “dialogue,” Brulle said.

But bloggers seized on the words “and treated” in the UO news release, and spread a mushrooming and false story that Norgaard had delivered a paper in London that called climate skeptics “sick” or “mentally ill” and in need of “psychoactive drugs.”

“This is a complete perversion of the whole intellectual project that’s going on,” Brulle said. “It’s an absolute, utter distortion.”

Limbaugh extrapolated about Norgaard further on his website: “This is the kind of person that Obama would hire,” he said. “This the kind of person Obama has hired. This is the kind of thinking that Obama believes and sponsors.

and now YOU run with the dis-info ball, spreading more bullshit around - all the people who just like to hear something and repeat it have a field day with attacking the person, and never investigate the story, because you're not interested in the truth, you're interested in getting as much attention for yourself as you can.

young boys in school always find the "ugliest" girl to mock, and they always use this person to bully other boys with, and they always refer to this in sexual terms. this is how they learn to be men in their cultures, by policing each other towards the end goal.  you've been clinging to this method since that w/e post appeared, and used your grade school sexual memes a few times already in this thread.  since you've hinted here that your balls have dropped, how bout you

grow. the. fuck. up.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Hey,  check this out Cath Aura,


One of the original sources was from the Daily Mail, not from Rush or UofO.


Or how about this paper by Kari, right from the horses mouth:

Nonresponse or denial is further fueled by the organizational culture of institutions, social inertia, and social accommodation (Beamish, 2001, 2002). Why

and how middle-class and wealthy people perpetuate environmental problems

is as important to the field of environmental justice as critical White studies is

to the field of race, or masculinity is to the study of gender. For people of color

living on low-lying Pacific islands or struggling from flooding in New Orleans,

the key questions of the moment may be how to effectively organize to bring

attention to their plight and justice to their lives.'t%20Really%20Want%20to%20Know.pdf


Environmental justice for CAGW deniers?

For what it is worth, I did not mock high school girls for being ugly because I was too busy trying to get laid.  And I sincerely apologise for calling attention to Kari's appearance, since the ugliness within far exceeds the outer appearance (but as one of my fellow ZHer's put it, she would scare a dog off a meat truck )

Cathartes Aura's picture

gringo, your Daily Mail link that was used here at ZH is the point being made by ZH poster caramba's original post, which I used above - the point being that the Daily Mail - not the most deep thinking of newsy papers, as clicking on your link illustrates in the right sidebar - attributes words to KN that she did not use, and the flames began from that:

The professor, who holds a B.S. in biology and a master's and PhD in sociology, argued that ‘cultural resistance’ to accepting humans as being responsible for climate change ‘must be recognised and treated’ as an aberrant sociological behaviour.

so all of this drama comes from a desire to create controversy that has nothing to do with the actual topic - and the use of her unflattering pictures of course feed that fire, and get all the culture-police out there - again, look at the right sidebar at the DM, and see how women's bodies are used by media to keep the culture dumbed down and self involved, and increasingly now, men's bodies as well.

I don't give a damn about the "global warming" or "cooling" or whatever the back 'n' forth narratives are - I understand the tool that Gore is, and how he works it for the UN, and other globalist alphabet agencies - if folks want to argue THAT story, fine - but to repeat false stories, and use those stories for page hits at the expense of seeking truths behind media "news" - if I want that, I can create an account at the Daily Mail - their comment threads MIRROR these in the concentration on what KN looks like, vs. what she actually wrote or said.

and you've milked the meme enough now - it's lowbrow to keep repeating this - her appearance is none of your business, irrespective of whether you're trying to "get laid" or not. 

MobBarley's picture

Just goes to show you how important appearance is.
Visions. Dreams. Pictures. Images.

Picture this.
You and I walking along a beach holding hands.
I still can.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Hey Cathy Aura

Believe me when I say that I do not want to remember Kari's appearance.  Even a set of Beer Googles couldn't fix her.  


But let me guess, as a womyn, you are defending your own, even as the likes of her would send you to re-education if your opinions did not conform to hers.  How pathetic. 

Cathartes Aura's picture

again with the labels, your invented box to put me in so that you can continue with your name-calling. . .

I've said it before, but it's probably beyond your ken to understand what I'm saying - I am not a "woman/womyn" or any said derivative that others use, I am a female human, being.  I don't do labels, they're a shortcut for lowbrow thinking - on BOTH artificial sides.  I did my thorough research, and I know that humans present on a sliding scale of hormone & body representation - it is not "either/or, male/female" - that's an artificial social construct used to keep people penned and under control - people like YOU think you benefit from cultural policing when in fact you suffer along with the rest of the mind-control herd.

and slewie - you can try on the "bull" (as in dyke? lordy, lmao) to label me, but we went through this whole drama a few weeks ago, and YOU have a fully closed mind on this subject - how can you continue to maintain your ill-usion if you acknowledge something outside your box?

face it dudes, the light is flooding the scene, and you're shriveling.

Flakmeister's picture

Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth the effort to post here....

The old ZH crew has been replaced by a bunch of closed minded boetians that combine every undesireable aspect of the American Conservative Male....

It really makes you wonder at what kind of society these misfits could actually construct.....