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Is This A Blow-Off Top? Four Ways To Tell

Those who lived through the last two speculative blow-off tops know the impossibility of predicting the final top. How can we tell if stocks are in the final blow-off stage of a bubble? There are four basic give-aways...

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2010 Flash Crash Arrest Motivated By Greed

If the DOJ and CFTC is going to be consistent, then they have to indict the entire financial community from the CME, Exchanges, Brokers, Institutions, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Management Funds and High Frequency Trading Firms.

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Investors Are Giving Up On The "Low Oil Prices Are Unequivocally Good For America" Meme

For 6 months, investors have been buying the idea - pitched by any and every status-quo-sustaining talking head, politician, and central banker - that low oil prices are unequivocally good for America. This has manifested itself in retail stocks handily outperforming the S&P. However, as Bloomberg notes, the last few weeks has seen that reverse dramatically as it appears investors, losing faith in the big-takers, have realized that "consumers aren't spending as much of the money saved from lower gasoline prices."

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Serf's Up...

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"Highway Robbery": Are Patients Paying For Biotech M&A Bubble?

While it’s an open question as to whether acquirers are grossly overpaying in the race to find drug targets that fit well with their existing pipelines and offer the best chance for marketing synergies, it appears that at least in some cases, the premiums paid in healthcare M&A deals are being passed right along to patients. "It seemed like highway robbery,” one industry insider tells WSJ.

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Bull Market Most Overbought/Leveraged In History

Currently, with Central Banks fully engaged in monetary interventions on an unprecedented global scale, there is seemingly nothing that can stop the current advance. Of course, it is that very "thought process" that has been a hallmark of exuberant markets in the past.

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Will 5th Time Be The Charm For Dip-Buyers Today?

BTFD is FUBAR for now...

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Dealers Carry Weak 2 Year Auction; Indirect Bid Slides

While pricing right on the When Issued screws, or 0.540%, tied for the lowest high yield since October 2014, today's $26 billion auction of 2 Year paper was nothing to write home about. From a low Bid to Cover, which at 3.30 was down from March's 3.457%, and the lowest of 2015, to a slide in the Indirect bid to only 38.1%, also the lowest for 2015, to the highest Dealer take down of 2015, with commercial banks left with 47.8% of the short-end issue, there was not much demand for the paper which pays a 0.50% cash coupon and which matures on April 30, 2017.

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Clinton Charity CEO Explains Tax Reporting "Mistakes"

"So yes, we made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do, but we are acting quickly to remedy them, and have taken steps to ensure they don't happen in the future," acting CEO Maura Pally writes, in a lengthy blog post defending the Clinton Foundation and attempting to assure the public that the charity will not be a vehicle whereby foreign donors can influence public policy in the US.

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Who Is Really Choosing America's Next President?

“We are anointing an aristocracy that’s getting a stronger and stronger grip on democracy,”

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Biotech Bubble Buckles: Tumbles Almost 7% To 3-Week Lows

Biotech stocks have been surging since their mid-March plunge (back below the 50DMA), but it appears that is at an end as XBI - the SPDR Biotech ETF - is now down almost 7% from Friday's highs on heavy volume (and back below the 50DMA once again). This is a major problem as if China QE can't keep the weathe creation dream alive, what will?

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Baltimore PD Warns: Gangs Are 'Teaming-Up' To "Take Out Cops" After Freddie Gray Funeral

Following violent protests over the weekend, Freddie Gray's funeral today has reignited tensions with Baltimore Police issuing a "credible threat" from gangs seeking to team up (the Black Guerilla Family, the Bloods and the Crips,) to "take-out" law enforcement officers.

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Dramatic Footage: Drone Flies Over Devastated Kathmandu, Reveals Earthquake Destruction

Released moments ago reveals a "drone's eye view" of devastated Kathmandu, and other regions of Nepal,following an earthquake which has so far claimed nearly 4,000 casualties and at this rate may be the most destructive tremor in the history of the poor Himalayan country.

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Goldman Warns Companies To Halt Buybacks At Record Valuations, Reminds What Happened In 2007

While preserving the farce of the S&P's relentless rise no matter the earnings recession, the 1% GDP or the negative funds flow, has been entirely a central bank mandate in the past month (one which will soon inlude the PBOC), the good news for the BOJs and the NYFeds of the world is that the stock buyback hiatus is almost over, and starting this week the bulk of companies can come right back and proceed to repurchase their stocks at all time highs. And what a come back it will be. According to Goldman, the pace of buybacks is now absolutely off the charts, with nearly $1 trillion in buyback announcements expected in just this calendar year, a mindboggling number, one which is the same size as the largest annual Fed Quantiative Easing amount in any one year going back to the great financial crisis.

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Officials Warn Senkakus Fall Under US Protection; Japan To Take "More Assertive" Military Role

Following meetings with Sec. of State John Kerry, Defense Sec. Ashton Carter, Japanese officials, it appears, have been shown the endgame now that the Keynesian farce is over... As AFP reports, Japan’s military to take on more assertive role, according to Japanese officials as Japan and US bolster their alliance for the first time in 18 years. Noting the alliance "serves as the cornerstone of peace in AsiaPac," and that the Senkakus will fall under protection of this new treaty, we suspect the Chinese will have more than a few things to say about this.

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