US "Ally" Saudi Arabia's Phony War On Terror

The main shortcoming of today’s militarized approach to fighting terrorism is simple - unless the expansion of dangerous ideologies like Wahhabism is stopped, the global war on terror, now almost a generation old, will never be won. No matter how many bombs the US and its allies drop, the Saudi-financed madrassas will continue to indoctrinate tomorrow’s jihadists.

Existing Home Sales Collapse - Worst November In History

The 10.5% crash in existing home sales is the worst November drop ever. Against expectations of a mere 0.2% drop, this is the largest miss in history asnd tumbles SAAR sales to the weakest since March 2014. The collapse in sales was across all regions, and ironically was accompanied by a rise in median home prices across all regions. Of course there was plenty of blame to go around, from inventory constraints to weather but most of all - paperwork - as new regulations - Know Before You Owe initiative, has meant longer closing times. In other words, wait til next month, it will all be great!?

UK To Deploy More Boots To Afghanistan After Suicide Bomber Kills Six US Troops

Britain is set to deploy additional troops to the fight in Afghanistan after a suicide bomber on a motorbike killed six US troops near Bagram. The Taliban advance in Helmand underscores the country's worsening security situation and suggests that in relatively short order, Afghanistan will once again become a key battleground in what has become a multi-state regional proxy war.

Chipotl-E.coli Slides Below $500 As JPM Has Had Enough, Downgrades To Neutral On "Negative News Flow"

For weeks in a row, every new instance of an E.coli outbreak at Chipotle was taken by the BTFD crowd as an opportunity to, well, BTF-E.Coli, and as a result sharp intraday drops on recurring disease outbreak headlines led to prompt recoveries in CMG's price. However, this may no longer be the case: following yesterday's announcement of yet more cases emerging involving E.coli, one of CMG's biggest defenders, JPM analyst John Ivankoe has thrown in the towel, and first thing this morning downgraded the stock from Buy to Neutral, and lowered his target stock price from $630 to $555.

Grey Swans Rising - All 6 Of Goldman's Global Risk Indices Are Worsening

Despite every effort by The Fed to convince the world that everything is awesome, it's not. From China growth risks to concerns about tightening financial conditions, Goldman warns so-called 'grey swan' fears are rising with Brexit, Trumpe elected, widening terrorist threats, and increased protectionism the most impactful.

US Economy Grew At 2.0% In Final Q3 Estimate; Massive Inventory Overhang A Key Risk For Future Growth

In today's anticlimatic economic print of the day, moments ago the BEA reported that Q3 GDP declined from 2.1% as per the first revision reported a month ago to 1.97%, fractionally higher than the 1.9% expected, as a result of a modest decline in Personal Consumption Expenditures as well as Private Inventories and Net Trade, offset by a fractional pick up in Fixed Investment, a category which will see far more downside in the quarters to come unless oil prices rebound, and the smallest possible increase in government spending.

Gartman Turns "Very, Very Quietly Bullish Of Crude" Even As Stock Prices Set To "Head Materially Lower"

"... we fear that prices are soon to head lower… and perhaps materially so. Thus, it is not only wise, it is reasonable, that we shall increase the size of our derivatives positions to make quite certain that our net long position is covered completely and that we are indeed as “net neutral” as we can possibly be.... ... we do find ourselves quietly… very, very quietly… turning away from being manifestly and overtly bearish of crude to being bullish as the term structures continue to shift."

Frontrunning: December 22

  • Battered oil wins respite, lifts stocks (Reuters)
  • Oil Halts Decline as Emerging Market Stocks Climb on China (BBG)
  • Bonds Set to Beat Stocks Globally in 2015 After China Falters (BBG)
  • SpaceX Falcon rocket nails safe landing in pivotal space feat (Reuters)
  • China Leaders Flag More Stimulus After Top Economic Meeting (BBG)
  • SEC to Retrench Case Against SAC’s Steven A. Cohen (WSJ)

Futures Rise, Drop, Then Rise Again In Illiquid Session After China Promises More Stimulus

It has been a seesaw session with U.S. stock index futures following their dramatic buying burst in the last half hour of market trading yesterday by first rising, then falling, then rising again alongside European equities both driven almost tick for tick with even the smallest move in the carry trade of choice, the USDJPY, even as Asian shares trade near intraday highs after China’s leaders signaled they will take further steps to support growth.