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Obama Steps In To Defend Hillary: DOJ Fights To Block Clinton Deposition

Late Thursday evening the Justice Department, under US attorney general Loretta Lynch, first appointed in 1999 by none other than Bill Clinton,  filed a court motion opposing the Clinton deposition request from conservative legal watchdog Judicial Watch, claiming that the organization was trying to dramatically expand the scope of the lawsuit.

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Iceland Has Offered Foreign Bondholders A "Choice": Sell Now, Or Have Cash Impounded Indefinitely

In a shocking turn of events, a law passed on May 22 by Iceland's parliament is offering the foreign holders of about $2.3 billion worth of krona-denominated bonds a choice of either selling out in June at a below-market exchange rate, or have the money they receive upon maturity be impounded indefinitely in low interest bank accounts. In other words, Iceland is trying to kick out foreign investors.

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US Default Risk Hits 8-Month Highs

While still relatively low, USA sovereign CDS spreads have risen to 8-month highs, surging off early March lows. The reasons are likely numerous though we suggest the 4 surges in the last 3 months appear to line up with notable 'events'...

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Sweden: Is Islam Compatible With Democracy?

It is not a secret that democracy can be used to abolish democracy. It may have finally begun to dawn on the people that Swedish Sweden will soon be lost forever, and in many areas replaced by a Middle Eastern state of affairs, where different immigrant groups (mainly Muslims) make war on each other as well as on the Swedes. There is no country where Islam is dominant that can be considered a democracy with freedom of speech and equal justice under law.

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Bitcoin Is Soaring On Unprecedented Burst In Chinese Buying

What is the reason for this dramatic move higher? It appears to be China, because moments ago Bitcoin traded in CNY on the Huobi exchange soared as high as 3820, or over $580, imply a massive local-demand driven arb:

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Looming Trump Presidency Drives Renewed Surge Of Immigrants Across The Southern Border

As a Trump presidency becomes more and more of a possibility, immigrants believe that if there ever was a time to try and get across the border to the United States, that time is now - before Trump has a chance to act on his words. Trump "says he wants to build a wall. They want to get over before he builds it,” said Mario Saucedo Mendoza, who works at the Senda de Vida migrant shelter in Reynosa, the Mexican city across the border from McAllen. “He’s said these things, and people are trying to get in front of him, they are trying to cross now...The campaign trail talk is going to encourage people from here to November."

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"Greed & Fear Are Great Teachers" Black Swan Author Tells Graduates "Always Have Skin In The Game"

"Greed and fear are teachers... Do not read the newspapers, or follow the news in any way or form...It doesn’t mean ignore the news; it means that you go from the events to the news, not the other way around... If something is nonsense, you say it and say it loud...One should never do anything without skin in the game."

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Hillary's New Avengers

What chance does Bernie stand against this...

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The Task Confronting Libertarians

If libertarians lose on the inflation issue, they are threatened with the loss of every other issue. If libertarians could win the inflation issue, they could come close to winning everything else. If they could succeed in halting the increase in the quantity of money, it would be because they could halt the chronic deficits that force this increase. If they could halt these chronic deficits, it would be because they had halted the rapid increase in welfare spending and all the socialistic schemes that are dependent on welfare spending. If they could halt the constant increase in spending, they could halt the constant increase in government power.

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Here Are BofA's "Trades Of The Unexpected" For June, The "Event Risk Month"

In the run-up to June, financial markets continue to be trapped within multi-month trading ranges: GT5 1.2-1.8%, DXY 92-100, ACWI 380-440, SPX 1850-2100, VIX 12-20. So what are the catalysts & “trades of the unexpected” should risk assets finally breakout or breakdown?

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A Chinese Mask Factory Has Already Picked The Next US President

There's no masking the facts. As Reuters reports, one Chinese factory is expecting Donald Trump to beat his likely U.S. presidential rival Hilary Clinton in the popularity stakes..."I think in 2016 this mask will completely sell out," said factory manager Jacky Chen, indicating a Trump mask.

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Putin Vows Retaliation Over US Missile Shield; Warns Poland, Romania Now In The "Cross Hairs"

during a joint press conference with Tsipras in Greece, Putin warned Romania and Poland they could find themselves in the sights of Russian rockets because they are hosting elements of a U.S. missile shield that Moscow considers a threat to its security. "If yesterday in those areas of Romania people simply did not know what it means to be in the cross-hairs, then today we will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security."

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Self Employment Tax Penalties Continue To Plague Small Businesses

The United States Tax Code remains as one of the most complicated legal doctrines in the history of the States, in spite of widespread calls for simplification. 


And while politicians have sought to sway the average American voter with promises of lower marginal tax brackets, the American small business owner remains one of the hardest hit.


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