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    09/04/2015 - 07:43
    Large pools of gold in indebted nations will be vulnerable. Pool accounts, digital gold bullion vaulting providers and depositories in the UK and the US might have their companies and assets...

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"We've Run Out Of Buyers" - Half Of Homes In New York Are Now Losing Value

"What happens in any bull asset bubble such as what we've seen is you run out of buyers. It's hard to get deals done if the bottom third can't get a mortgage."

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Do YouR JoB MuPPeTS...

A LIBOR Day Message...

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Bull Or Bear?

The can is no longer rolling along. Instead, it has come to a near halt, with central bankers and government policymakers desperate to give it another boot. Watch out!

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Must Be The Weather?

Low oil prices? Low interest rates? Jobs galore? Wages pressures? Time for a rate hike? Then explain this...

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Why Capital Is Fleeing China: The Crushing Costs Of Systemic Corruption

Corruption isn't just bribes and influence-peddling: it's protecting the privileges of the few at the expense of the many. Rampant pollution is corruption writ large: the profits of the polluters are being protected at the expense of the millions being poisoned. What China will be left with a poisoned land stripped of talent and capital.

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Lira Plunges To Record Lows As Turkish Minister Addresses G20

Meanwhile, in Turkey...

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New Record In Waiters And Bartenders Masks First Manufacturing Drop In Over 2 Years

Since the start of the Second Great Depression, the US economy has lost 1.4 million manufacturing workers, but has more than made up for this with the addition ff 1.5 million waiters and bartenders.

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Pentagon Admits Russian Spy Ship Discovered Near US Submarine Base, Heading For Cuba

On the heels of the unprecedented proximity of 5 Chinese naval ships in the Bering Sea, U.S. military satellites have been tracking a Russian spy ship - capable of cutting undersea communications cables and other sensors - since it was spotted in the north Atlantic last month off the coast of Kings Bay, Ga., home to the U.S. Navy’s East Coast ballistic missile submarine fleet. As FOX News reports, The Pentagon says the ship is transiting toward its next destination - Cuba.

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NFLX Down 25% From Highs, Tumbles To June Stock Split Levels

FANG - Forget About New Gains? It appears another one of the legs of the new investing meme has broken. NFLX is now down 25% from its record highs in August and has entirely roundtripped from the post-stock-split exuberance...

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Are Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Distant Cousins?

While conspiracy theories of Trump's run as a disruptive influence in the Republican ranks to 'help' Hillary seems to be floundering following his pledge and jibes yesterday, it appears the two have more in common than anyone could have believed. It turns out Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are distant cousins - sharing royal blood that runs deep in their family lines. No wonder The Oligarchy is so comfortable ruling over us serfs.

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Goldman: "No Rate Hike In September"

While we have exposed the ugly under-belly of today's jobs data, mainstream media is spinning it as a 'Goldilocks' report with enough hits-and-misses for every hawk or dove. The market's initial reaction signals rising expectations of a September rate hike but, as Goldman's Jan Hatzius explains, they continue to expect the FOMC to keep policy rates unchanged at the September 16-17 meeting.

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Is This Why Copper Is Collapsing?

Copper prices are in free-fall this morning, slammed lower by the "good-enough" jobs data. But we suspect the real reason lies elsewhere...

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Record 94 Million Americans Not In The Labor Force; Participation Rate Lowest Since 1977

According to the BLS, the main reason why the unemployment rate tumbled to the lowest since April 2008 is because another 261,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force, as a result pushing the total number of US potential workers who are not in the labor force, to a record 94 million, an increase of 1.8 million in the past year, and a whopping 14.9 million since the start of the second great depression in December 2007.

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Europe's Refugee Crisis Solved? An Egyptian Billionaire Has A 'Solution'

With the refugee crisis in Europe reaching epidemic levels and European leaders impotent, it appears an Egyptian Billionaire has a solution. As Al-Arabiya reports, Naguib Sawiris has offered to buy an island off Greece or Italy and develop it to help hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from Syria and other conflicts.

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Not So Fast With Those "Rising Wages"

If wage growth for supervisory workers was indicative of the overall work force, the Fed could indeed claim mission accomplished and hike not 0.25% but 2.5%. There is a problem: supervisory workers only make up 17.5% of the US work force. As such, their wage gains are anything but indicative of the vast 140 or so million US workers. What about the wages for the remaining 82.5% of US workers: the non-supervisory one. Here is the answer...

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