Trump Hopes To Quietly Steal Putin's Natgas Business In Europe

Trump will use fast-growing supplies of U.S. natural gas as a political tool when he meets in Warsaw on Thursday with leaders of a dozen countries that are captive to Russia for their energy needs. The US presidnet will tell the group that Washington wants to help allies by making it easy for U.S. companies to ship more LNG to central and eastern Europe.

Tesla Q2 Sales Miss Expectations, "Severe" Battery Production Shortfall Blamed

Tesla announced it had delivered "just over" 22,000 vehicles in the second quarter, with sales including just over 12,000 Model S sedans and just over 10,000 Model X SUVs. Deliveries fell short of the consensus forecast of 22,912, which Tesla blamed on a "severe production shortfall of 100kWh batter packs."

India: Cash Is Back (But The Crisis Has Deepened)

"Big Brother has truly arrived – in India of all places. India’s government inter alia brazenly asserts that 'privacy is not a fundamental right'... [this] marks a fundamental shift in citizen-state relations: from ‘We the People’ to ‘We the Government’. If the rampant misuse of electronic surveillance powers and willful ignorance of the law by the state is any precedent, the future looks bleak..."

Angry Observer Asks "How Is Elon Musk Still Tesla's CEO?"

"Tesla’s quality has been poor, the UAW is circling, and Mr. Musk recently tweeted about mixing alcohol and Ambien (zolpidem) — a drug combination not only dangerous in its own right, but that increases the risk of long-term zolpidem addiction. How is this man still Tesla’s CEO?"

San Francisco Awards $190,000 To Illegal Immigrant Over "Sanctuary City Violation"

The tax payers of San Francisco will soon be handing over $190,000 to an illegal immigrant, who had a warrant out for his arrest mind you, after he filed a lawsuit alleging that city police violated 'sanctuary city ordinances' by handing him over to immigration officials.  No, you've not lost your mind, this is real life.

Did Obamacare Really Save Lives?

One of the popular objections to GOP reform is that ObamaCare saved thousands of lives per year, and hence that tinkering with it will literally kill lots of people. There's just one problem -  the data suggest that if anything, ObamaCare actually caused more Americans to die.