The Central Bank Bubble: How Will It Burst?

"If low interest rates and QE have been the lever pushing up prices of dividend and coupon-paying assets, central banks are the fulcrum... This fulcrum is slowly shifting..."

Remembering Communism's Bloody Century

In the 100 years since Lenin’s coup in Russia, the ideology devoted to abolishing markets and private property has left a long, murderous trail of destruction...

Paradise Papers: Massive New Leak Exposes Tax-Haven Secrets, Links Wilbur Ross To Russia

A huge new leak of offshore tax-haven documents dubbed the "Paradise Papers", reveals again how the ultra-wealthy, including the Queen's private estate, secretly invest vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens. They also reveal that Trump's commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, is shown to have a stake in a firm dealing with Russians sanctioned by the US.

Is The U.S. Navy Being Truthful With Its Report On Recent Crash Incidents?

" the cases of all of these US Navy crashes, the simplest explanation is likely the correct one, and the simplest explanation is the one that the Navy provided – a complete breakdown in seafaring culture. Still, it has to be acknowledged that the Navy could be covering for a far larger problem. "

Will 'RussiaGate' Result In Social Media Regulation?

Whether preplanned or inadvertent, one of the most likely and far-reaching consequences of the fake news RussiaGate scandal is that Facebook and other social media giants might soon come under strict regulation by the state...

The Economic End Game Continues

"...the year of 2018 seems to be the launching point for the great reset. This timeline is supported by the numerous measures already taken to undermine dollar dominance in international trade as well as elevate the International Monetary Fund's SDR basket. It is clear that the globalists have deadlines they intend to meet..."