Meanwhile, As The World Watched The Election... This Happened

So here we are, disgust from so many, euphoria from others, and LOTS of uncertainty about what’s to come. Meanwhile, all the disgust and euphoria - these are intense emotions that cloud judgment. We human beings tend to make very bad decisions... and miss a lot of important cues... when we’re emotional.

Nevada Judge Tosses Trump's Lawsuit Over Nevada Ballots

Update: after a rather quick hearing, the Nevada judge rejected the Trump legal team's request for a lawsuit over allegedly illegal balloting, saying "I'm not going to issue any order. I'm just not going to do it."

The Day Arrives: Global Stocks Higher, US Futures Lower As America Begins Voting

The day has finally arrived and as of minutes ago voters in eastern states have begun voting for the next US president. Polls are open in eight states, including battlegrounds Virginia and New Hampshire, as well as in New York, where Clinton votes at a public school in Chappaqua, Trump at a public school in Manhattan.

Morgan Stanley Finds OPEC Jawboning Peaks At Times Of High Oil Shorts, Low Liquidity

"The group has repeatedly made bullish announcements about OPEC intervention during periods of low liquidity (e.g. US holidays), and whenever short positions become large. If prices continue to slip, the chances for bullish OPEC headlines grow, which could lift prices briefly even if there is no follow through." - Morgan Stanley

US Oil Rig Count Jumps To 9-Month Highs

The US oil rig count has risen for 22 of the last 24 weeks and is up 9 in the last week to 450 - the highest since Feb 2016. Despite this surge, US production remains flat during the same period - hovering around 8.5mm barrels. No reaction in crude following its early chaos on OPEC headlines...