Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House

The election of Donald Trump was inevitable and would precede the triggering of the final stage of our ongoing economic crisis. The Fed’s timing of their latest rate hike is highly strategic, not only setting the stage for a series of hikes that will crush U.S. stock markets this coming year and finally shock the public out of their fiscal stupor, but it also maneuvers the crisis right into the lap of Donald Trump and the conservative movements that support him.

The Wierdest Thing About 2016 Is...

"Trump wins US Election"? "UK Leaves EU"? "Cubs Win World Series"? How about this one: "The VIX Peaks in February"? For the first time since the start of the modern VIX in 1990, the 'Fear Gauge' peaked in that month...

JPM Trading Desk Reiterates The "Enormous Risk For The Tape" Which The Market Keeps Ignoring

"Investors are beginning to focus more on the corporate reform particulars (specifically, border taxes, interest deductibility, and immediate capital spending expensing) and this is blunting some of the initial Trump/Ryan enthusiasm... this remains an enormous risk for the tape as the perception around taxes/infrastructure spending and the likely reality are quite different."

Is India The Next Venezuela?

When India becomes the next Venezuela, which hopefully won’t take longer than three decades, one would actually have cause to celebrate. On per capita basis, Venezuela’s GDP is more than seven times that of India. Venezuelans fight when they go hungry. Indians are too weak to even leave their homes.

The Bears Are Dying: Even Bob Janjuah Turns (Somewhat) Bullish

"The trends over H1 2017 should be higher (especially US) equities and yields, steeper curves, a stronger USD, and mixed performance in credit (especially in the IG sphere) and EM. So for me, most likely over the middle two quarters of 2017, I can see the S&P 500 cash index up at 2450 +/- 50 points, with the Nasdaq weakest and the Dow strongest of the big three US indices."

Make America "Greater Fools" Again?

With markets trading at extremes, bullish exuberance at peaks and monetary policy tightening – this might be a good time to locate one of those “greater fools” to sell to. Of course, this is just the opposite of what the media is telling you to do currently.

JPM: "The Most Significant Recent Development Is The Changing Narrative Around Trump"

"The most significant development over the last several days is the changing narrative around Trump. Whereas initially markets were enthused by the GOP sweep and the ostensibly pro-business implications of the Trump/Ryan fiscal/regulatory agenda, investors are now beginning to filter that platform through the lens of political and mathematical reality. "