Morgan Stanley

The Curious Case Of Missing The Market Boom

"I don’t want to kill your dream, and I don’t have to. The dream will kill itself. You’ll hear a monumental ‘POP’ go off, and then you’re back in reality..."

Did Morgan Stanley Buy Millions Of Fake YouTube Views?

"Glancing at MS’s Youtube page, you will first notice 4,800 subscribers, and over a two week period an average of <100 views per video... Then about 3 hours ago, a video titled: “What Will You Create?” shows nearly 627,000 views. Odd right?"

Bitcoin Is Now Bigger Than Morgan Stanley

On the back of (unconfirmed) rumors suggesting China may back down from its harsh stance of ICOs and crypto exchanges following this week's National Congress, the price of Bitcoin soared overnight, testing near $5900 before falling back a little this morning. That has pushed Bitcoin's market cap above $90 billion for the first time, surpassing PayPal, Netflix, and Morgan Stanley...

What Wall Of Worry? Goldman Finds Investors Are "Unusually Bullish"

In the context of the acceleration in the equity rally over the past two months, index option positioning is evidence of a crowded equity market and a negative sign for stocks over the next month. Following similar positioning over the past five years, returns were -1.9% below average in the subsequent month.

Kass Warns: "The Probability Of A Flash Crash Grows Exponentially"

"...never in history have there been so many potentially adverse political, geopolitical, economic and market outcomes... Investors are probably suffering extreme mental exhaustion. Historically low volatilities and risks, coinciding with high valuations, would make anyone nervous..."

The Key Things To Look For In Today's FOMC Minutes

While inflation will likely be a heavily debated topic, given recent Fedspeak it appears that most voting members are looking through some of the recent weakness and prefer to continue the "gradual" removal of monetary accommodation, in line with speculation that the Fed is no longer data dependent and may have lowered its inflation target outright.