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Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs Principal Transactions Update: 1 Billion Shares!

This is getting surreal. Goldman principal program trading is now well over 5x compared to its customer and agency trades and a 150 million share pick up compared to last week. For yet another week, Goldman's principal trading represents more than half of all NYSE member firm principal transactions.

The people demand Cuomo and an end of market manipulation.

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Goldman Sachs Principal Transactions Update: 850 Million Shares

"For every seller there is a buyer."

Goldman Sachs continues its to trounce everyone in principal program purchases, its 850 million principal shares representing 81% of all its traded shares, more than half of all NYSE reporting firms principal trades.

Maybe Goldman can focus on servicing its "clients" instead of "itself" for once.

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Goldman Sachs Earnings Transcript

Ok, unique snowflakes. Time to tear this apart... Judging by how many readers posted comments on the prior GS post and sent me emails (I wish I could analyze every angle), there should be enough brainpower here to fully digest the "one-time, non recurring, 4 month monster quarter." In the meantime, GS is finalizing the terms of its follow on: $123/share price, to be completed before market open.

One thing that caught my eye off the bat from the Q&A:

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Goldman Sachs To Sue Goldmansachs666.com

The fine legal people of Chadbourne & Parke who we assume are Goldman Sachs' external counsel, have nothing better to do with their time than to pursue cease and desist orders against none other than the owner of GS critical websites www.goldmansachs666.com and www.goldmansachs13.com. Goldman's claim: "It has been brought to our attention that you are making unauthorized use of the mark GOLDMAN SACHS in connection with your domain names."

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