White House

Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill, Slams It As "Flawed"

After several days of delays, which prompted speculation among politicians and the media why the White House is dragging its feet on the issue and was the topic of several questions during Rex Tillerson's Tuesday media press conference, moments ago the Donald Trump officially signed the Russian Sanctions bill:

Frontrunning: August 2

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Sabotaging Russia-US Relations For Good

"The strategy that the American deep state intends to employ to sabotage once and for all the possibilities of a rapprochement between the United States and Russia has been revealed."

Senate Republicans Defy Trump, Will Work With Democrats On Stabilizing Obamacare

In the first tangible sign of GOP defiance of Donald Trump in the Senate, Lamar Alexander, head of the Senate Health Committee, announced Tuesday that he would work with Democrats to "stabilize and strengthen" the individual insurance market under Obamacare, even as Trump threatens to end "bailouts" for insurers.