White House

Operation 'Moron Overboard' Begins

"What gets me is seeing the stock markets make new record highs every other day, whether Puerto Rico is destroyed overnight or hundreds of people are shot in a Las Vegas parking lot - and notwithstanding the overall phony-baloney condition of the American economy, with half of the flyover population in an opiate daze..."

Dollar Surge Continues Ahead Of Jobs Report; Europe Dips As Catalan Fears Return

World stocks eased back from record highs and fell for the first time in eight days, as jitters about Catalonia’s independence push returned while bets on higher U.S. interest rates sent the dollar to its highest since mid August; S&P 500 futures were modestly in the red ahead of hurricane-distorted nonfarm payrolls data

Congress Takes The First Step To Pass Tax Reform: Here's What Comes Next

With Congressional passage of the 2018 Budget Resolution, things only get more complicated from here. For a a sense of the complexities that lie ahead, here is Goldman laying out the next steps and assessing the prospects for the passage of both tax reform and fiscal policy.

Gun Control Is Not A Winning Political Position

"This is not only bad business for media, it is bad business for America; it inhibits constructive conversation on how to reduce gun violence and keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people... the liberal blame and finger-pointing leads the party to the same place it found itself after the 2016 election – a losing position."

Turkey Arrests US Embassy Employee

In a move that looks suspiciously like retaliation, Turkish police on Wednesday arrested a local employee of the US embassy in Istanbul and charged him with espionage and trying to overthrow the government.

Trump Expected To "Decertify" Iran Nuclear Deal Next Thursday

"The president already knew that continued sanctions relief to Iran was inappropriate and not in our interest given their behavior.  Now there's this new issue where the IAEA just admitted publicly they've been unable to verify entire sections of the deal, which makes the whole thing a no-brainer."