White House

Is Trump's Russia Policy Being Hijacked?

"Is President Trump losing control of Russia policy? Has he capitulated to the neocons? These are not academic questions. For consider the architect of the new arms package, Kurt Volker, the new U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations... Volker envisions a deepening U.S. involvement in a Ukrainian civil war that can bleed and break Russia’s Ukrainian allies and convince Putin to back down and accept what we regard as a just settlement."

Best Day For The Dollar Since January: Here's Why

The Bloomberg dollar index has surged, rising as much as 0.8% higher against all G-10 peers, its biggest advance since Jan. 26, and is on track for its first weekly gain since early July. Here's why.

Wall Street Analysts Respond To Mueller's Grand Jury Subpoena

"From a Wall Street standpoint I can’t say over the long term that (a Trump impeachment) would be a bad result for stocks. The uncertainty of going through it all would be a negative, but I’m not sure the market would remain lower for long, assuming all else is equal."

There Was No Good Reason To Fire "The Mooch" After Just Ten Days

"Even if his 'off the record' mouth was too much for General Kelly, President Trump, or anyone else in the administration, firing the Mooch after just ten days was a poor decision, especially when he could have been so easily 'silenced' and quietly removed at a later date. "

An Angry Beijing Responds: "We Will Never Dance To Trump's Tune"

"While Trump tweets his positions to the world, Beijing keeps its cards closer to its chest. (China) will never dance to Trump's tune." And with "today's America weaker and more isolated in the world," China has even less reason to respond, said Xu Guoqi, a China-US relations expert at the University of Hong Kong.