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2011 Year End Gold At $1,630...Sub $1,000... Or Entering A Diamond Top?

With gold poised to close 2010 a hair's breath away from its all time nominal high price, all those who had been calling for a major correction in the gold metal "just around the corner", have been completely discredited. In fact, what may come as a surprise to many, gold is Reuters' best performing asset class of the year, well above the Nasdaq, and nearly doubling the S&P performance YTD. Yet the fact that gold continues to be a risk hedge as we suggested first about 6 months ago, has not deterred the empty chatterboxes from providing empty predictions: ten days ago we provided Doug Kass' prediction that gold is about to tumble. Granted our read of his "analysis" was one that suggest a jump in the price of gold was imminent. Sure enough, gold since then surged by nearly $50. And with global central banks having to beat their heads over the issue so well encapsulated by John Taylor, namely that global assets barely generate enough cash to service global debt, lat alone retire it, the only long-term outcome will be one of continued fiat devaluation and appreciation in hard currencies such as gold and silver (naturally with bouts of marked volatility, where one will be able to BTFD). So where will gold end 2011? Here are some more respected pundits' views on what may happen to gold in the coming year.


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Guest Post: The Bennie Who Stole Christmas

Ben Bernanke is a highly educated PhD from Princeton who has never worked a day in the real world since he graduated from college in 1975. His entire life has been spent in the ivory tower of academia surrounded by models and theories that work perfectly in the comfort of his office. After building his reputation as an “expert” on the Great Depression by studying it and reaching the wrong conclusions, he came down from his ivory tower in 2002 to join an organization that has systematically destroyed the value of the US currency, thereby undermining the well being of the once vibrant middle class...If the Grinch had been pimping for a small pack of Grinchsters who impoverished the honest people of Whoville, then the Dr. Seuss poem would have perfectly described Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve and the banksters that run the show here in the USA. The actions taken by Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and their brethren on the Federal Reserve over the last quarter century have destroyed the middle class and left senior citizens impoverished, while enriching its Wall Street masters. Now he is stealing Christmas from the hard working middle class of this country.


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Department of Justice "Crackdown" On Wall Street Is Just a P.R. Stunt Targeting Small-Time Crooks

We should be ecstatic that the Department of Justice is finally prosecuting fraud, right?

Unfortunately, it's just a p.r. stunt going after small fish and leaving the big criminals untouched ...


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Frontrunning: November 29

  • Insider Case Has Soft-Dollar Focus (WSJ)
  • Treasury 30-Year Returns as Market Bellwether as Fed Policy Propels Trade (Bloomberg)
  • Portugal, Spain in crosshairs as Ireland bailed out (Reuters)
  • Wall Street Shrinks From Credit Default Swaps Before Rules Hit (Bloomberg)
  • Lee Says North Korea Must Pay for Attack; China Urges Talks (Bloomberg)
  • Don’t Just Tell Us. Show Us That You Can Foreclose (NYT)
  • Democrats Gird for Tax-Relief Battle (WSJ)
  • What the UK is Contributing to Ireland (BBC)

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Chris Whalen Welcomes Our New Tyrannical Overlords, Prepares For The Taxpayer Funded Mortgage Insurer Bailout

Chris Whalen's latest Institutional Risk Analytics is a must read letter as it highlights yet another aspect of foreclosure fraud, one which finds various analogues in the way the MBS originating banks took advantage of AIG, knowing full well it was stuffed to the gills with worthless pieces of paper and taking out enough insurance on it to require a federal bailout when mark to fraud failed and mark to market finally worked for a very short period of time. Now, it seems, it is the mortgage insurers turn: "So today the MIs are still operating, though they are not providing insurance because they can't. Observers in the operational trenches tell The IRA that virtually no MI claims are being paid - even if the claim is legitimate. The MIs are very undercapitalized and still bleeding heavily. But they get continued business because the GSEs demand MI on high LTV loans. Lenders are forced to use the MIs and consumers are made to pay the premium. Thus the auditors of the GSE continue to respect the cover from the MIs, even though the entire industry is arguably insolvent." The question is how many CDS have Goldman et al purchased in bulk in anticipation of the imminent wholesale MI Event of Default, which will force Geithner to once again use the Mutual Assured Destruction wildcard and force taxpayers to bail out those holding MI insurance, especially if the originators and servicers end up being one and the same...


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How Did the Banks Get Away With Pledging Mortgages to Multiple Buyers?

L. Randall Wray (economics professor), Christopher Whalen (banking expert with Institutional Risk Analytics), and William K. Black (professor of economics and law, and the senior regulator during the S & L crisis) explain ...


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Guest Post: Getting Real About Real Estate

I don’t think commercial real estate is the big Achilles heel for these institutions right now because of the manipulations the federal government has undertaken. I think the real Achilles heel for all these banks, and for bond markets, is going to be the residential markets. Not to be overly dramatic, but this is a huge ticking time bomb. Things are getting worse, not better. - Andy Miller


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Frontrunning: October 12

  • Marc Faber Says World Heading for "Major Inflection Point" (Bloomberg)
  • French Strikes Disrupt Air and Rail Travel (NYT, BBC)
  • Jobless America threatens to bring us all down with it (Telegraph)
  • Will they be paid in gold? Fed's latest reflation attempt comes via Wall
    Street, which is expected to pay $144 billion in bonus this year (WSJ) - this number represents 8% of M1
  • Two Faces: Demystifying the Mortgage Electronic Registration System's Land Title Theory, Christopher Lewis Peterson, University of Utah (SSRN, h/t Karl Denninger)
  • States to Probe Mortgage Mess: Attorneys General Hope Lenders Will Re-Write Loans With Troubled Documents (WSJ)
  • Citigroup Stops Using Foreclosure Law Firm Facing Florida Probe (Bloomberg)

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