The Curious Case Of Missing The Market Boom

"I don’t want to kill your dream, and I don’t have to. The dream will kill itself. You’ll hear a monumental ‘POP’ go off, and then you’re back in reality..."

Did Morgan Stanley Buy Millions Of Fake YouTube Views?

"Glancing at MS’s Youtube page, you will first notice 4,800 subscribers, and over a two week period an average of <100 views per video... Then about 3 hours ago, a video titled: “What Will You Create?” shows nearly 627,000 views. Odd right?"

iPhone X Makers Said To Struggle With Facial Recognition

Manufacturers are still struggling to perfect 3-D sensors and in particular dot projectors in Apple premium handset's TrueDepth camera system, a key new feature of the new iPhone X. Should these issues not be resolved, there is a possibility the iPhone X may miss its scheduled release date.

Frontrunning: October 11

  • Republicans to Trump and Corker: Please just stop (Politico)
  • Trump Wants to Weaken Nafta’s Influence, Power (WSJ)
  • Spain Warns Catalonia With Threat of Direct Control From Madrid (BBG)
  • U.S. warship sails near islands Beijing claims in South China Sea (Reuters)
  • U.S. flies bombers over Korean peninsula (Reuters)
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Hollywood’s War on Humanity

Overpopulation isn't the problem. The boring, unimaginative little monsters that rule over us are. And their disdain for the average person is crystal clear. 

Are Tim Cook's Days As CEO Numbered?

"Maybe it’s time to focus on the product, rather than the political... Tim Cook really doesn’t have a lot things to hang-his-hat on, but for Apple’s stock price under his tutelage... Everything else since the passing of Jobs has been nothing more than a derivative of what Jobs had already begun or envisioned for the near future."

Why Is Amazon Meeting With Banking Regulators?

“There's been lots of interest by financial services firms in technology companies and fintech companies...[now] some tech firms are now looking in the other direction.”