Should I Vote Repocrat Or Demublican?

Once it becomes clear that the system is what it is and that the political leaders have zero concern for their constituents, except as indentured servants - once the voter recognizes that the next election holds no vain hope for redemption - the voter may begin to see his true position more objectively. Rather than devote his time to any election campaign, waste his time observing the endless rhetoric in the media, seek to ingratiate himself to authorities or (God forbid) send his children off to the latest senseless war, he may refocus on what his government actually does for him in return for his obeisance and tax dollar.

Anti-Trump Voters Across America Look To "Game" Election System By "Trading Ballots"

Through the website "Trump Traders," a 20-year-old biology student at got in touch with Marc Baluda, 44, a Republican corporate lawyer in California who opposes Trump's candidacy and planned to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Tens of thousands of voters, the vast majority seeking to prevent a Trump presidency, have signed up on "vote-swapping" exchanges in advance of Tuesday's Election Day.

Soros Drops Millions To 'Rig' Justice System In Arizona

Soros has spent millions in 2015 and 2016 funding campaigns to defeat local prosecutors around the country and elect new ones who back criminal justice reform measures. But Soros’ spending against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, a high-profile liberal bogeyman, is his single biggest investment in a local race this year, as well as the billionaire’s first effort against a sheriff.

Frontrunning: November 1

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  • Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Fundraising Benefited From Loophole In Federal Anti-Corruption Rule (IBT)
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  • Trump Leads Clinton by 1 Point in New Poll as Enthusiasm Declines (ABC)
  • Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia (NYT)

The Clinton Collapse - Only The Deep State Is So Precise

The consensus view seems to be that the Establishment and the Deep State see Trump as a loose cannon who might upset the neo-con apple cart by refusing to toe the neo-con line. This view overlooks the reality that significant segments of the Deep State view the neo-con strategy as an irredeemable failure.

Market Trapped As Recession Risk Rises

With the ongoing political circus, weak corporate earnings (considering the massive reductions in expectations since the beginning of the year), Apple and Amazon both missing expectations (which really goes to the heart of the consumer), and consumer sentiment waning, it is surprising the markets are still holding up as well as they are. As long as the markets can maintain support about 2125, the bull market is still in play, but at this point, not by much.

Retired CIA Officer Explains Why "Hillary's Emails Matter"

"For twenty years, I worked undercover in the Central Intelligence Agency, recruiting sources, producing intelligence and running operations...Nobody uses a private email server for official business. Period. Full stop... The entire notion is, to borrow a phrase from a Clinton campaign official, 'insane'."

Brexit Blowback Begins: UK Home Electronics Prices Spike As Currency Crashes

The Brexit blowback on British consumers tightened today as Apple and Electrolux responded to the collapsing pound by charging dramatically more for their products in the UK. As Bloomberg reports, Apple quietly raised the cost of some of its machines including the “Mac Pro” by 20% overnight, while Sweden’s Electrolux said it’s boosting the prices of its home appliances by 10%.