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    Peering in from the outside or through the looking glass at what’s going down on the other side is always a distortion of reality. We sit here in the west looking at the development, the changes and...


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Gold Arbitrage and Backwardation Part III (Gold as a Commodity)

Gold is a tangible commodity. It's a material good that can be held in the hand, bought and sold--and warehoused. You have to understand warehousing to understand the gold market.


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What Is The Common Theme: Iron Ore, Soybeans, Palm Oil, Rubber, Zinc, Aluminum, Gold, Copper, And Nickel?

If you said a short list of commodities manipulated by the Too Big To Prosecute banks, you are probably right, but the answer we were looking for is that these are all the various, and increasingly more ridiculous, commodities that serve to make up the bulk of China's hot money flow (those flows into China which are not reflected in the current account flows or FDI) facilitating synthetic structures, also known as Chinese Commodity Funding Deals.


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Supply and Demand Report 16 Feb

The dollar dropped a lot this week, though most would say gold and silver spiked. Gold owners have 4% more dollars and silver owners have 7.4% more. How much less are those dollars worth?


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Gold Arbitrage and Backwardation Part II (the Lease Rate)

In this part, we look at the question: Is gold a currency? Professor Tom Fischer answers, “Yes, gold is a currency with the symbol XAU”.


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Markets On Edge, Follow Every USDJPY Tick

It is still all about the Yen carry which overnight tumbled to the lowest level since November, dragging the Nikkei down by 4.8% which halted its plunge at just overf 14,000, only to stage a modest rebound and carry US equity futures with it, even if it hasn't helped the Dax much which moments ago dropped to session lows and broke its 100 DMA, where carmakers are being especially punished following a downgrade by HSBC of the entire sector.  Also overnight the Hang Seng entered an official correction phase (following on from the Nikkei 225 doing the same yesterday) amid global growth concerns and has filtered through to European trade with equities mostly red across the board. Markets have shrugged off news that ECB's Draghi is seeking German support in the bond sterilization debate, something which we forecast would happen a few weeks ago when we pointed out the relentless pace of SMP sterilization failures, with analysts playing down the news as the move would only add a nominal amount of almost EUR 180bln to the Euro-Area financial system. Elsewhere, disappointing earnings from KPN (-4.3%) and ARM holdings (-2.5%) are assisting the downward momentum for their respective sectors.


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The Curious Widening of the Bid-Ask Spread in Silver

A widening bid-ask spread in silver would be tantamount to the metal losing its moneyness.


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A Curious Development in Silver

The selloff in silver has had an unexpected effect on silver spreads.


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Gold and Silver Sentiments Violently Diverged in 2013

Think sentiment in gold and silver are the same? They violently diverged this year. The difference could have a profound impact on your trades.


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Supply and Demand 1 December


At times silver metal is being dumped in quantity in the spot market, and at other times paper silver is being bought aggressively in the futures market.



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Gold Celebrates America's Three Month Can Kicking, Soars

Remember that persistent seller of epic and oddly periodic amounts of gold futures contracts, whose dumps have resulted in two NYMEX "stop logic" shutdowns in the past month alone, and whose daily tape bombing is now watched carefully by all (even the CFTC's Bart Chilton who can rejoice - the CFTC is now open and he can go back to "supervising" the market and stuff)? Well, he is mysteriously absent this morning, as gold (which is now back in backwardation for the second day in a row) soars by $50 from $1275 to $1320 in the matter of minutes, showing just how furious the short covering spreed in the gold space can and will be when it becomes clear just how right Dagong was. The next such instance of clarity we expect will take place in December, early January when the farce repeats itself.


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Interest and Prices Part VI (The End)

The end. The dollar collapsing into zero interest is like a spacecraft crashing into a black hole. The singularity's pull is irresistable.


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Supply and Demand Report: 15 Sep, 2013

The prices of the metals were down sharply last week. Was this manipulation? As you’ll see below, the picture in silver is astonishing.


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A SmartKnowledgeU Exclusive Interview with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes: "The World Will Reject Central Bankers"

An exclusive SmartKnowledgeU interview with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes, in which we discuss the growing adoption of competitive currencies to fiat such as gold and silver, the reasons why the masses still largely remain ignorant of banking criminality, and the turniing tide against immoral Central Banking activities.


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