Budget Deficit

"Game Changer"

"A genuine paradigm shift is occurring presently and few see it... A game changer for investors."

Three Big Threats To Small Caps

In addition to the concern that tax reform and/or tax cuts may get stalled, there are three other factors that we think investors should consider when evaluating small caps in the US.

Global Markets Bounce As Germany, China, Spain Lift World Stocks, Turkey Crash Ignored

S&P futures rebounded and edged higher as European stocks gain, led by Spanish shares after mass demonstrations in favor of Spanish unity and speculation Catalonia may back down on unilateral independence demands, while Chinese mainland stocks reopened catching up to gains missed during the holiday week following last weekend's RRR cut.

Congress Takes The First Step To Pass Tax Reform: Here's What Comes Next

With Congressional passage of the 2018 Budget Resolution, things only get more complicated from here. For a a sense of the complexities that lie ahead, here is Goldman laying out the next steps and assessing the prospects for the passage of both tax reform and fiscal policy.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong With Tax Reform? The Answer, According To Goldman, Is "Plenty"

In a report looking at "what could possibly go wrong" with tax reform, Goldman analysts find that while "recent developments on tax reform have been positive" with the Senate’s "tentative budget agreement likely headed for passage in the Budget Committee this week" and the Big Six framework signaling narrower tax policy differences, there’s "plenty that could still go wrong."

What's The Matter With Inflation?

The divergence of official inflation as measured by the government versus inflation realized by the consumer and businesses has never been greater...