Budget Deficit

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First Tax-Month Budget Deficit Since 1983

The U.S. reported the first April budget deficit in over 25 years, specifically $21 billion on a significant drop in individual and corporate tax receipts. April, which is traditionally the strongest budget revenue month due to the peak in individual tax revenue collection was unable to buck the trend in second derivatives and green shoots and is likely an indication of just how much worse the economy will get with traditional Treasury revenue sources rapidly disappearing. The Congressional Budget Office, which forecasts a $1.75 trillion budget shortfall for the Sept.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Near-Term Budget Deficit Funding

With the U.S. government unable to print money fast enough, and "sophisticated" investors rushing to buy every bond Washington will peddle to fund the upcoming multi-trillion budget deficit, Zero Hedge has decided to make life easier for everyone and provide a cribsheet for all upcoming Bill, Note, Bond and TIPS auctions. We wish everyone the best as they earn negative 2-100% real interest rates on their investments.
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