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    07/01/2015 - 10:07
    With all eyes on Greece it would seem another crisis relating to unpayable debt is brewing in the Caribbean. The governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, has warned that the island is...

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Frontrunning: June 25

  • This headline needs updating: Creditors set bailout ultimatum for defiant Greeks (Reuters)
  • Greece’s Fragile Banks Leave Alexis Tsipras Few Options in Bailout Talks (WSJ)
  • Dueling Greece Plans Presented as Ministers Race for Aid Deal (BBG)
  • Icahn Cashes In His Netflix Chips (WSJ)
  • Meet the Health-Law Holdouts: Americans Who Prefer to Go Uninsured (WSJ)
  • ECB holds Athens lifeline unchanged as Bundesbank protests (Reuters)
  • Supreme Court Guide: Six Big Decisions Remain (WSJ)
  • The Rise of the Compliance Guru—and Banker Ire (BBG)
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Carl Icahn Crushes CNBC's Perma-"Buy Stocks"-Bull$hitness

We suspect this will be the last time billionaire investor Carl Icahn is invited on CNBC. Having sold CNBC darling NFLX, he crushed the two main memes of CNBC's raison d'etre - buy stocks, because where else are you going to put your money - "what's better - making 2% or losing 30% as people did in 2008...right now it's an extremely dangerous time;" and the next leg of this bull market will come from an improving real economy - "the economy is not picking up, it is artificial due to low interest rates." The market has way over-estmated how long this will last, Icahn concludes, "keep your powder dry - why do have to own anything risky? It's just nonsensical."

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Carl Icahn Says "Market Is Extremely Overheated", Slams Permabulls

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Stunned Investors See NFLX Stock Split Gains Eviscerated As Icahn Exits

You just can't make this up... We're gonna need some greater fools!

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The "Smart Money" Just Sold The Most Stocks In History

According to BofA's Jill Hall, "BofAML clients were big net sellers of US stocks in the amount of $4.1bn, following four weeks of net buying. Net sales were the largest since January 2008 and led by institutional clients—after three weeks of net buying, institutional clients’ net sales last week were the largest in our data history."

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Signs Of Financial Turmoil Are Brewing In Europe, China And The United States

As we move toward the second half of 2015, signs of financial turmoil are appearing all over the globe. Slowly but surely, we are starting to see the smart money head for the exits. As one Swedish fund manager put it recently, everyone wants “to avoid being caught on the wrong side of markets once the herd realizes stocks are over-valued“.

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Carl Icahn: Donald Trump Is Completely Correct That "We Are In A Bubble Like You've Never Seen Before"

I am knowledgeable concerning markets and believe Donald is completely correct to be concerned that we have “a big fat bubble coming up.  We have artificially induced low interest rates.” I personally believe we are sailing in dangerous unchartered waters.  I can only hope we get to shore safely.  Never in the history of the Federal Reserve have interest rates been artificially held down for so long at the extremely low rates existing today.  I applaud Donald for speaking out on this issue – more people should.

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Who Just Dumped Over $100 Million Of AAPL?

Flash Crash? AAPL shares cracked lower on a huge sell order (of over $100 million) then rapidly recovered on de minimus volume... did Carl Icahn start dumping?

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FTW (For Those Who Say I Just Don't Get It... Get This!) There seems a shift showing itself in dramatic fashion unseen since the 2008 financial meltdown. Not only are some key players, or institutions beginning to notice some troubling signs; but rather; those very signs that everyone was told 'won’t or shouldn’t happen', not only are, they’re starting to rear their ugly heads in much greater frequency.

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Carl Icahn Is "Extremely Worried" About Stocks, Warns "It's Not If, But When It Will Happen"

"This market has a lot to be concerned about," warns Carl Icahn in an interview with FOX Business Network's Trish Regan, slamming Fed policy, "by keeping interest rates this low you are creating bubbles that you don’t even know about." While mainstream media pundits are instantly feverish over every bullish AAPL word the aging activist has to say (or tweet), it seems that when it comes to facing facts and reality of the broad market, few, if any, are willing to share his thoughts as he concludes, "it’s not just a question of it could be the beginning... It’s not will it happen. It’s when it will happen."

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Frontrunning: May 19

  • China’s Record Capital Outflows Spark Financial Stability Fears (FT)
  • U.K. Inflation Falls Below Zero for First Time Since 1960 (BBG)
  • Islamic State Solidifies Foothold in Libya to Expand Reach (WSJ)
  • Judge sentences 11 Afghan police over lynching of woman in Kabul (Reuters)
  • The $18 Trillion Global Economic Boost If Everything Went Right (BBG)
  • Eurozone Prices Confirmed Flat Year-on-Year in April, Core Inflation Inches Higher (Reuters)
  • Greek Finances to Stagger On Longer Than You Think (BBG)
  • Athens sees EU deal soon, Greeks' approval of government stance dwindles (Reuters)
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This Is What A $240/Share AAPL Would Look Like In Context

If Carl Icahn, whose $6.8 billion in AAPL holdings makes him nearly a 6x bigger holder of the stock than the Swiss National Bank, is correct and AAPL is truly worth $240/share today, or about $1.4 trillion, roughly equivalent to 9% of US GDP, then this is how AAPL would rank if it were a sovereign nation...

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