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Frontrunning: December 27

  • Millions of Tons of Metals Stashed in Shadow Warehouses (WSJ)
  • Moguls Rent South Dakota Addresses to Dodge Taxes Forever  (BBG)
  • Fastest Japan Inflation Since ’08 Stokes Wage Pressure (BBG)
  • Thai crisis deepens as army chief hints at intervention (Reuters)
  • Anti-Assad Lebanese ex-minister killed in Beirut bomb (Reuters)
  • Foreigners Unload Turkey Bonds as Probe Tarnishes Erdogan Growth  (BBG)
  • Small ISS Change Shakes Up Boards: Tweak to Influential Shareholder Adviser's Recommendations Has Directors Rethinking Proposals (WSJ)
  • Japan’s Nishimura Calls for Quick Corporate Tax Cut to Under 30% (BBG)
  • Japan's Abe bets U.S. alliance, ratings can weather shrine visit (Reuters)

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Obama Birth Certificate Verifier Is Lone Fatality In Small Plane Crash

Of the nine passengers aboard the small Makani Kai Air plane flight that crashed off the shore of Molokai Wednesday night, eight survived. The lone fatality was Loretta Fuddy, infamous for her "I have seen the original records" confirmation of the long-form birth certificate of the US President in 2011. Fuddy, who was 65 years old and had served as Hawaii's state health director since January 2011, is described as "selfless, utterly dedicated, and committed" is a "terrible loss for the state".


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David Kotok: Reflection on 9/11

A dozen years have passed. Memory doesn't fade. In some ways, the events remain as vivid today as they were that September morning.


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Frontrunning: July 19

  • Detroit ‘Gut Kick’ Poses New Test for Long Suffering City (BBG)
  • Florida lawmakers urge overhaul of 'Stand Your Ground' law (Reuters)
  • Investors pour huge sums into US equity funds (FT)
  • Snowden Standoff Threatens Obama-Putin Moscow Summit (BBG)
  • China, U.S. companies' great hope, now a drag (Reuters)
  • Morgan Stanley stock traders rebuild burned bridges (Reuters)
  • Huawei spied for China, claims ex-CIA head Michael Hayden (FT)
  • Gorilla Flipping Homes as Rebound Revives Rapid Trades (BBG)
  • BRICS joint action at G20 summit may be wishful thinking (Reuters)

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Frontrunning: June 12

  • J.P. Morgan Knew of Risks: Warning Flags Raised Two Years Ago About CIO (WSJ)
  • Cyprus Poised to Seek Bailout within Days (FT)
  • U.S. Exempts India, South Korea From Iran Oil Sanctions (Bloomberg) - so those countries who need Iran crude?
  • Barroso Pushes EU Banking Union (FT)
  • Hollande Set for Poll Victory (FT)
  • Fed Says U.S. Wealth Fell 38.8% in 2007-2010 on Housing (Bloomberg)
  • Fed Officials Amplify Concerns over Europe (Reuters)
  • Fed's Lockhart Says Lower Yields Bolster Case for No New Action (Bloomberg)

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Daily Highlights: 9.22.2010

  • Asia stocks mixed after Fed said it was ready to do more to recharge the US economy.
  • Fed hinted it is becoming uneasy about the outlook, but deferred taking any new steps.
  • Fed suggest it could buy more bonds; Way eased for new programme of QE.
  • Iceland cuts base rate by 0.75% to 6.25%.
  • Las Vegas home sales fall as area unemployment lingers near 15%
  • Oil hovers above $75 in Asia after report shows US supplies unexpectedly rose last week.
  • UK Business Secretary plans to announce a review of takeovers, executive pay.

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Why Your Next Car May be a Hyundai

South Korea (EWY) is the “K” that should be in “BRICK.” The country where the classic “V” shaped recovery is real. The international nuclear industry was blown away by Korea Electric Power’s $20.4 billion UAE deal. Speaking volumes about the direction of the global economy. South Korea takes a quantum leap ahead in the race for competitiveness, while the US falls further to the back in the dust. One small problem: the megalomaniac who lives next door with the starving million man army. Time for a visit to the Hermit Kingdom. (EWY)


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Goldman Conviction Buy And Cessna Maker Textron Announces $1.7 Billion Loss In Backlog

On September 2 Goldman upgraded Textron to Conviction Buy ($23 PT) and provided the following catalysts as key items to keep an eye on:

year ago, each of Textron’s businesses were going the wrong way:
Corporate profits and the Industrial economy were rolling over, which
had negative implications for Cessna and Industrial, Financials were
facing severe challenges which had negative implications for TFC, and a
leadership change was about to take place in Washington with negative
implications for Defense and therefore Bell and Systems. Today,
we see the exact opposite occurring.

Unfortunately for Goldman's pie in the sky/conviction buy thesis what we really are seeing today is the opposite of the opposite, which comes to us via the following press release from Textron:

The company has
been in discussions with a large customer concerning the cancellation of
about $1.1 billion of jets it had on order with Cessna.


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Potential Ukrainian Default Spooking Markets

Are the dominoes about to start falling? From Morgan Stanley's London desk:

Ukrainian Railway defaulted on a Barclays bond. They have another, government guaranteed obligation with DB. If DB accelerates the payment & IF it is then not paid, it will count as a government default.

We are closely following the releases out of S&P and Moody's analysts to see if they have gotten into the office after their leisurely orgy at the nearest Turkish bath insider info leak session. Potentially nothing actionable just yet, but that a government-backed bond can't make its payments, should prompt the IMF apparatchiks to promptly take the next Textron Cessna straight into Kiev (after they get 20 Goldman flu shots each) and spend a few more billions in US taxpayer money and/or sell more gold to quickly stuff even more corpses under the carpet.


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272 Goldman Staffers Promoted To Managing Director

Not a bad time to allocate the last big bonus on Wall Street to as many people as possible. According to Down Jones, "Chief Executive Lloyd C. Blankfein and President Gary D. Cohn said in the email that those named helped the bank survive the financial crisis. They also said the new managing directors will be integral to our service to clients, the strength of our reputation and the long-term success of the firm." God's anointed acolytes are multiplying. There is no information yet if a Textron-made (GS: Conviction Buy) Cessna jet with an autopilot program for a one way trip to [Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina] is included in the promotion package.


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Goldman Conviction Buy List Candidate Textron Just Rated Top 20 Bankruptcy Candidate

An amusing reminder of just how different opinions can be among (conflicted) finance professionals, was today's disclosure by risk evaluator Audit Integrity, which has put together a list of the twenty companies with a market cap over $1 billion most likely to file for bankruptcy. Among them: none other than Goldman Conviction Buy candidate, Textron Inc.


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Textron's "Conviction Buy" Kiss From Goldman Sachs

Probably the best performing stock in the S&P today is that of private-jet maker Textron, which received a double whammy of upgrades from taxpayer darlings Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Yesterday, MS upgraded the stock from an Underweight to an Overweight, passing Neutral, and putting a $25 price target on the stock. Today, Goldman, never too far behind, especially in names in which it is significantly axed in CDS and other OTC products, upgraded the Cessna maker from Neutral to Conviction Buy, with a price target increase from $16 to $23.


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Cessna Maker Textron Sued For Misrepresentation Of Backlog And Financial Segment Deterioration

Cessna maker Textron, whose stock has gotten bombed over the past year after the very public bashing of any and all private jet purchases, might be in more hot water. After briefly making the press in relation to speculation that it could be an acquisition target, which subsequently turned out to be a large insider trading leak that subsequently led to the suicide of the alleged perpetrator, Textron is now being sued by the City of Roseville Employees' Retirement System for business condition misrepresentations.


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Daily Highlights: 6.15.09

  • Manufacturing, Housing may signal economy close to hitting bottom.
  • IMF Chief says worst of crisis may be yet to come.
  • Obama's regulatory plan to remake Fed's power.
  • AIG says it exceeded obligations to Air France passengers.
  • Air India will pay 31,000 employees two weeks late as the carrier runs short of cash.
  • Airbus CEO: Airbus aircraft deliveries could fall by 25% this year.
  • Amazon.com to pay $51M to Toys R Us to settle a long-standing legal dispute.
  • Anheuser to sell Central, Eastern Europe units; proceeds (~$2B) to be used to red

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