Next Stop, Recession: This Financial Meteor Storm Is Headed Our Way

"Many of those about to be vaporized did not grasp the fragility of the 'prosperity' they assumed was both solid and permanent...the coming financial meteor strike will vaporize debt-based activity and leave whatever isn't dependent on debt relatively unscathed."

In Early Concession, Trump Plans Meeting With GOP, Democrat Leaders

The president is quietly organizing a meeting with McConnell and Ryan as well as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi shortly after the August recess ends. The key topics of conversation will be avoiding a federal default and a government shutdown.

A Look At US Government Shutdowns Since 1976

Since 1976, the federal government has experienced 18 funding gaps under the current budget process, although most did not result in a shutdown of operations and a furlough of non-essential employees... A shutdown in October would have to proceed for several weeks or more to have sizeable economic effects.

Venezuela Bonds Tumble On Report U.S. To Ban Trading

Venezuela bonds are tumbling after the WSJ reported that the US government was considering a ban on trading in the country's debt. The unprecedented move would temporarily ban U.S.-regulated financial institutions from buying and selling dollar-denominated bonds issued by the Republic of Venezuela and state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela.