Exit Polls Project Sweeping Victory, Supermajority For Japan's Abe

Japan Prime Minister Abe's ruling coalition is set for a sweeping victory in Sunday's general election, and may retain the two-thirds parliamentary majority needed to revise Japan's constitution, according to an NHK exit poll. Shortly after polls closed at 8pm, an NHK exit poll showed that Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and coalition partner Komeito are set to win between 281 and 336 seats of the 465 total.

Capitalism - A New Idea

"Today, we’re continually reminded that we live under a capitalist system and that it hasn’t worked... This is what we repeatedly hear from left-leaning people who use this assumption to argue that capitalism should give way to socialism. In this, however, they are decidedly wrong..."

The Chinese Economy's Fatal Flaws

"...if we dig deeper into the exact situation of Chinese economy, we will find that it’s a typical failing of the Keynesian, cronyist system."