Coordinated Derisking

It appears the market now only acts sensibly on big volume selloff days. The chart below is what one would expect, and what one would never see over the past 6 months.

Substantial, Over Half A Trillion Net, CDS Derisking Since March Lows

Analyzing CDS open interest data since the March 6 lows demonstrates a troubling trend: there has been over half a trillion in net derisking across various industries, with financials leading the pack with over $130 billion. The global tightening in the CDS universes across all sectors is one direct consequence of this substantial shift to derisking.

Daily Credit Market Summary: May 1 - Derisking Is Back

Spreads were broadly wider in the US as all the indices deteriorated. Indices generally outperformed intrinsics (as we see high beta shorts selling index protection as hedges) with skews widening in general as IG's skew decompressed as the index beat intrinsics, HVOL outperformed but widened the skew, ExHVOL outperformed pushing the skew wider, XO's skew increased as the index outperformed, and HY's skew widened as it underperformed.