• Steve H. Hanke
    02/11/2016 - 16:08
    The burgeoning literature contains a great deal of hype, which validates the 95% Rule: 95% of what is written about economics and finance is either wrong or irrelevant.

Donald Trump

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Why Trump Thinks Unemployment Is 42%

"If we had 5% unemployment, do you think we'd have these gatherings?"

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"Negative Rates Are Dangerous" OECD Chair Warns "Our Entire System Is Unstable"

"There is excessive debt everywhere and negative interest rates are dangerous... My number one fear? That’s the same as asking me where it will start. When you view the economy as a complex, adaptive system, like many other systems, one of the clear findings from the literature is that the trigger doesn’t matter; it’s the system that’s unstable. And I think our system is unstable... Central Bank models are just wrong"

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Chris Christie To Suspend Presidential Campaign; Needs "Deep Breath"

After finishing sixth in the key New Hampshire primary, New Jersey governor Chris Christie is set to bow out of the race for the White House. "We’ve decided that we’re going to go home to New Jersey tomorrow and we’re going to take a deep breath and see what the final results are tonight because that matters," he said.

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Frontrunning: February 10

  • Global Stocks Bounce Back After Market Selloff; Asia Stumbles (WSJ)
  • New Hampshire Bucks the Establishment to Back Trump and Sanders (BBG)
  • Trump shows his U.S. presidential bid is no mere publicity stunt (Reuters)
  • Clinton Is Outdone by a Competitor Once Considered a Fringe Candidate (WSJ)
  • Deutsche Bank Jumps as Lender Said to Consider Bond Buyback (BBG)
  • Bank Executives Leading Surge of Insider Buying Amid Stock Rout (BBG)
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Doland Trump, Bernie Sanders Win New Hampshire Primary - Live Feed

Literally one second after the polls closed at 8:00 pm, virtually all the media outlets, including AP, NBC and CNN, covering the NH primary called the outcome:

Republican winner: Donald Trump
Democrat winner: Bernie Sanders

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The Financial (Under)World Is Catching Down To The "Economy Of Actual Stuff"

In the USA, that economy has bled out like a hapless bystander with a sucking chest wound for the last eight years. Despite all the patriotic sanctimony on view at the Superbowl, the nation appears to be visibly cracking up, along with the fantasy of a permanent global economy. None of the desperate work-arounds since 2008 have worked around the predicaments of our time.

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The Federal Reserve - The Deep State's Central Bank

The only possible reaction for the Fed is to reverse course. Besides, its main mission is to protect the Deep State’s finances – the flow of real wealth from you to it. And now we find the world’s elite – the Deep State financiers and economists – planning, explaining, and preparing the world for a U-turn.

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Divided America

There is not one America today, nor two. Politically, there are at least four.

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New Poll Shows Clinton, Sanders Tied - Hillary's Lead Evaporates In 6 Weeks

People are starting to get it. They understand the system has morphed into a rigged fraud, and they understand that Sanders really, desperately wants to change it.

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Sanders Slams Hillary As Wall Street Puppet Ahead Of Critical New Hampshire Primary

“I do not know any progressive who has a super PAC and takes $15 million from Wall Street."

“Enough is enough. If you’ve got something to say, say it."

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Jimmy Carter: "Legal Bribery" Is Prevailing In The US Political System

Former U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter has taken aim at the “erroneous” Supreme Court ruling that “gives legal bribery a chance to prevail.”

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Trump Drops 9 Points In National Poll After Losing In Iowa As Rubio Rises, Cruz Steady

Perhaps it was the publicity stunt Trump pulled last Thursday when he skipped the final debate before the caucus in order to hold his own, competing event right up the street, or perhaps some voters lost their nerve at the last minute, but whatever the case, the man who “hates losers” lost in Iowa this week and it's cost him in the national polls.

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