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    05/30/2016 - 21:24
    The US Gold Market is best known as the home of gold futures trading on the COMEX in New York. The COMEX has a literal monopoly on gold futures trading volumes worldwide, but very little physical...

Eric Sprott

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If You’ve Got Gold, You’ve Got Money; If You Haven’t Got Gold, You’ve Got a Problem

Perhaps the one last chance at saving the United States is embracing the truth – the truth as it is, and not the “truth” the U.S. Government would have you believe.

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Silver, More Rare Than the Market Understands

Can you imagine a 8:1 gold/silver ratio price? Currently, the ratio is 75:1. 

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Silver & Gold – DB Turns State’s Evidence, The Flood Gates Are Now Open!

While he has learned their movements, and put this information to work for himself, and the Turdites, to turn a handsome profit, it does not take away from the criminality.

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Silver: One Investor Away from Implosion

Each additional “bite” from the pie pushes the market closer to the edge. How many bites are left in the pie?

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2018 – SDR World Currency Backed with Gold

Tomorrow is already here, we just haven’t awakened to hear the news.

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The Most Powerful Weapon Ever – Gold, Uranium, Pen?

We have the power and the weaponry to change every community, every state and the entire nation without ever firing a single bullet. How is this possible?

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Paul Craig Roberts: The Establishment Can’t Control Trump Or Sanders

They are so opposed to it that there has to be something wrong with the story...

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Silver Fundamentals: The Numbers Don’t Lie

“Statistics can be used to say anything.”   Numbers don’t lie – people do.

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On The Brink of Complete Meltdown

Even if you take the most forward looking date of 2018…we are on the cusp of a major change. Are you prepared?

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"They Blew It All On Hookers, Blow And Fancy Toys" – Hedgie Sees Lower Oil, Soaring Gold, & QE For The People

"...most people simply assumed the good times would go on forever... because it was different this time. But like any uninhibited party fueled by unlimited cash, the hangover was sure to follow."

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Economic Disaster

Now, slave, get back to work, if you have a job, and make sure you save some energy for your other part time employment as you will be going to those jobs later today. 

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