Live: Jeff Gundlach's Latest Webcast "So Far So Good"

Nearly three months after his last public address to investors, today "Bond King" Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO and CIO of DoubleLine Capital will host his latest free to the public webcast on the DoubleLine Total Return Fund titled, with with what we assume is a fair dose of sarcasm, "So Far So Good".

The Republican Tax Plan Is Very Swampy

Unsurprisingly, the Republican tax plan moving forward in the U.S. Congress and championed by Donald “Drain the Swamp” Trump, is very swampy...

Some Non-Hyperbolic Junk Talk

"In this day and age of Central Bank quantitative easing pushing up all financial asset prices together, the fact that bonds are declining might not be enough to cause a stock market dip, yet it might be a signal that the bid for all financial assets is wearing thin..."

Bond Kings & The Future(s)

"In fact, the futures market, which is what really matters, is re-enacting the same behavior as in 2014. Each of these BOND ROUTS!!! following each major 'reflation' selloff occur with less and less futures market conviction."

Bond Yields Break Out Around The World As Japan's Record Stock Rally Ends

S&P futures are fractionally in the red while traders await President Trump’s pick for Fed chair and more clues on the fate of tax reform; Asian stocks slide, European shares are little changed ahead of tomorrow's ECB tapering announcement as US 10Y yields finally break out of their multi-month range below 2.40%.

10Y Spikes Over 3.00% Or Copper Crashes - What Happens Next?

The spread between 10Y Treasury yields and the ratio of copper-to-gold has never been wider as the former signals recessionary economics (flattest curve since 2007) and the latter reflationary recovery (highest in 3 years)... so who is right?