Is Obama Setting-Up War With Russia By 'Unraveling' The Situation In Syria?

The Obama Administration seems to be making considerable progress to set up the next U.S. President, Trump, with an “unraveling” situation in Syria, so as to enable Trump to continue Obama’s war against Russia and all its allies (such as Syria). Whether President Trump will continue Obama’s policy isn’t yet clear.

Assad Retakes Aleppo: The Military Operation Is Over, Says Russian Envoy

"The counter-terrorist operation in Aleppo will be completed within a few hours. All the militants along with their families and the wounded are now withdrawing through the agreed corridors in the directions they themselves have chosen, including in the direction of Idlib,” the Russian envoy said.

Iran Lashes Out At US, Will Build Nuclear-Powered Boats In Retaliation To US Deal "Violation"

"The United States has not fully delivered its commitments in the (the nuclear deal)," Iran president Rouhani wrote on Tuesday. "With regards to recent (U.S. congress) legislation to extend the Iran Sanctions Act, I order to ... plan the design and construction of a nuclear propeller to be used in marine transportation to be used in marine transportation."

Frontrunning: December 13

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Iran Warns Of "World War, The Destruction Of Israel", If Trump Tears Up Nuclear Pact

"Enemies may want to impose a war on us based on false calculations and only taking into consideration their material capabilities... Such a war would mean the destruction of the Zionist regime (Israel) ... and will engulf the whole region and could lead to a world war,' Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said quoted by Mehr.

Boeing Stock Jumps To New Record Highs After Cutting 777 Production, But Raising Dividend, Buybacks

It's been a volatile week for Boeing but all's well that ends well for the aircraft-manufacturer. Having rallied off Trump "Air Force One" tweet lows, the last 24 hours have been dominated by the massive Iran deal (and its controversies), Trump tweets on Lockheed Martin, and shortly after the close Boeing announced it will cut 777 production (for a second time) sending the stock briefly lower until news of a dividend hike and new buyback authorization sent the stock to a record high.

Frontrunning: December 12

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The Coming Fracture Of Saudi Arabia

The present Saudi king, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, is the last of the sons of the first Saudi king, Abdul Aziz al Saud, who will ever sit on the Saudi throne. After Salman dies, Saudi leadership will pass to a new generation of Saudi royals. But not all the descendants of the first Saudi king are happy about how the future succession may turn out.

The Dutch Death Spiral - From Paradise To Bolshevik Thought Police

A country whose most outspoken filmmaker was slaughtered by an Islamist; whose bravest refugee, hunted by a fatwa, fled to the U.S.; whose cartoonists must live under protection, had better think twice before condemning a Member of Parliament, whose comments about Islam have forced him to live under 24-hour protection for more than a decade, for "hate speech." The Netherlands is no longer a safe haven for free thinkers.

Rick Perry Is Trump's Top Pick To Head Energy Department

Which is ironic because five years ago, Perry wanted to eliminate the Energy Department: in an infamous 2011 Republican primary debate, Perry forgot that the Energy Department was one of the three federal government agencies he wanted to do away with. The other two were the Commerce and Education Departments. According to some pundits, the gaffe may have cost him a shot at the party’s 2012 nomination.