Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan: "This Is The Moment Everyone Went All In"

The question asked, and answered, by JPMorgan is what event catalyzed this rush to "all in" stocks for everyone from hedge funds to mutual funds, to robots, algos and finally, retail investors. The answer, as shown on the chart below, was the election of Trump.

Bitcoin Tops $13,000 - Bigger Than Citigroup

For the first time in history, the price of Bitcoin has surpassed $13,000 (rising from $12,000 in less than a day). This pushes Bitcoin's market cap to around $220 billion (above that of Citigroup) as the market cap of the entire cryptocurrency space is now bigger than JPMorgan.

JPMorgan Has Some Bad News For Bitcoin Bears

According to JPMorgan, since 2009, the cumulative inflow into cryptos has been a paltry $6bn, well below the current market cap of $330bn. This means that as new capital flows into the crypto space, the potential price gains are unprecedented...