Jeffrey Gundlach Warns "The Goldilocks Era Is Over"

QE has been “clearly correlated” with credit spreads, Gundlach said, but we are “getting very near the end of the corporate credit cycle in terms of the outperformance versus Treasury bonds.”

Why We Should Worry About China

"As China tries to export its way out of the bubble, the impact on prices and trade all over the world should not be underestimated. We should not ignore the financial risks either. "

Bank Of America: "This Is The First Sign That A Bubble Has Arrived"

Japan 1989, US 1999, China 2007 are the bubble roadmaps: all saw bull markets mutate into bubbles and higher bond yields. And the first sign of bubble (outside Da Vinci, bitcoin...) should be divergence between credit and equity prices in technology...

European, Asian Stocks Slide But US Futures Rebound As Tax Deal Fears Ease

U.S. equity index futures point to a higher open, having rebounded some 10 points off session lows with the VIX stuck on the edge between single and double digits, while European and Asian shares decline as investors assess central banks’ shift toward tighter monetary policy and concern over tax overhaul ahead of final plan.