We're All Yen Traders Now

At almost 90% of GDP, the Bank of Japan’s balance sheet is just bat shit crazy! No other way to describe it...

A Visual Guide To North Korea's Military Capabilities

The regime of Kim Jong Un possesses rockets that can hit South Korea and Japan with as many as 20 atomic bombs, and it’s now focused on building a long-range missile capable of hitting Washington D.C., with a nuclear warhead. The charts below summarize what is known and unknown about North Korea's tactical military arsenal.

Immigrants Flood Into Japan At A Record Pace

The net inflow of foreign residents into Japan was the largest ever during the last statistical year, reaching 136,000 or 40% higher than the previous year, as the government pushes policies to attract foreign workers to offset the organic decline of its own graying population.

North Korean Missile "Blows Up" During Launch; President Trump Aware, Has "No Further Comment"

North Korea's attempted missile launch on Sunday ended in failure, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said.  The communist state attempted to launch an unidentifed missile from the port city of Sinpo on its east coast in the morning, and the launch is presumed to have failed, the JCS said. Secretary of Defense Mattis says President Trump is aware of the situation and has "no further comment” on failed North Korean missile test.


How America And China Could Stumble To War

War between the United States and China is not inevitable, but it is certainly possible. Indeed, as these scenarios illustrate, the underlying stress created by China’s disruptive rise creates conditions in which accidental, otherwise inconsequential events could trigger a large-scale conflict.

How Government Meddles In Your Easter Chocolate

So, yes, to help cacao farmers, we should indeed buy more chocolate. But we should also recognize that those workers are locked out of a variety of related higher-wage industries by protectionist governments in the wealthy West.

Japan Prepares For North Korea "Emergency"

In advance of a potential military clash between the US and North Korea, the Japanese government is preparing for 5 distinct responses: i) Logistical support by SDF in the event of a local conflict; 2) use of force by the SDF in the event of a full scale war; 3) Protection of Japanese citizens in South Korea; 4) Preparation for armed attacks against Japan; 5) Civil protection and response to evacuees.