Las Vegas

O.J.'s Free

"The juice is once again loose..."

Tales From The FOMC Underground

"Many of today’s economic troubles are due to a fantastic guess proved false... That the wealth effect of inflated asset prices would stimulate demand in the economy."

'Vice' Index Shows U.S. Slowdown Ahead

"...add it all up and conditions are set for slower spending growth... It’s already showing up in the luxury spending we call vices... like in Gambling & Prostitution"

Millennials Really Want A McMansion Of Their Own, There's Just One Problem...

A new survey from of 24,000 millennials across the country, born between 1982 and 2004, revealed some great news for the residential housing market...about 80% of the millennials surveyed said they're ready to move out of mom's basement and buy a home.  There's just one catch...