Las Vegas

Gauging The Economic Impact Of Uber

Uber has disrupted the ride-sharing economy. However, the government, banks, and taxi monopolists won’t allow Uber to completely put them out of business... at least for the foreseeable future.

The Evaporation Of Risk

"If you look around the poker table and can’t spot the pigeon, it’s probably you.."

It's Time To Become Your Own Banker, Here's How

"Any basic retail function of a bank - deposits, loans, foreign exchange, funds transfers - can already be done better, faster, and cheaper outside of the banking system. So, long-term, the banks are finished. But for now, it makes sense for anyone who truly understands this scam to become your own banker..."

Bill Ackman's Full Howard Hughes Presentation

In light of Ackman's recent investing track record, there has been some debate what is more surprising: that Ackman is again unable to come up with an original investment, or that the stock actually jumped, rising as much as 4.8% on the Ackman reco.