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US Manufacturing PMI Stagnates at 2-Year Low With Weakest Employment Since June 2013

Given the fact that for the first time since the recession, manufacturing has added zero jobs this year, that ADP just saw a drop in manufacturing jobs, Markit reports September US Manufacturing PMI has stagnated for the last 2 months at 2 year lows (printing 53.1 final vs 53.0 prelim). Worst still, and confirming even further the demise of the US manufacturing "renaissance", the Employment sub-index dropped to 50.8 - the lowest since June 2013. As Markit sums up"The Fed is therefore likely to keep an open mind as to whether tighter policy is appropriate given current economic conditions and await a clearer idea of the health of the economy in the fourth quarter."

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Fourth Quarter Begins With Global Stock Rally As Bad Economic News Is Again Good

Good news! Bad news is again great for stocks, and overnight we had just the right amount of bad news from Japan, China and Europe to send stocks surging on the first day of the final quarter.

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Futures Soar After Chinese Composite PMI Drops To Lowest On Record

While the official "data" was bad, and confirmed the economy remains in contraction, the Caixin - aka the new HSBC - Markit PMIs were absolutely atrocious. We bring you... the HSBC Manufacturing print, which dropped from 47.3 to 47.2, and which according to Caixin was the lowest print since March 2009.  And it was the combination of this and the non-mfg PMI that told the full tale: at 48.0, the Caixin Composite index dropped from 48.8, down from 52.3 a year ago and was the lowest print on record.

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US Services Economy "Bounce" Is Dead, "Warning Lights Are Flashing Brighter"

After widespread weakness in global (yes and US) manufacturing PMIs, US Services PMI dipped in September (after 2 months of modest bounce back). The pace of expansion slowed to three-month lows with service sector confidnce close to its lowest in three years. This latest print indicates a slowdown in overall new business growth for the second month running, which brought the pace of expansion down to its weakest since January. Prices dropped for the 2nd month in a row and Markit warns that "various warning lights are now flashing brighter, meaning growth may continue to weaken in coming months."

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Futures Surge On Renewed "Hopes" Of Fed Rate Hike, Sliding Yen

The market, which clearly ignored the glaring contradictions in Yellen's speech which said that overseas events should not affect the Fed's policy path just a week after the Fed statement admitted it is "monitoring developments abroad", and also ignored Yellen explicit hint that NIRP is coming (only the size is unclear), and focused on the one thing it wanted to hear: a call to buy the all-critical USDJPY carry pair - because more dollar strength apparently is what the revenue and earnings recessioning S&P500 needs - which after trading around 120 in the past few days, had a 100 pip breakout overnight, hitting 121 just around 5am, in the process pushing US equity futures some 25 points higher at last check.

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Bank of England and LBMA Gold Bullion - The “London Float”

Palladium surged 6% yesterday. The move appeared to be a short squeeze and may be the precursor for the long awaited move higher in gold and silver.

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US Manufacturing Economy Weakest In 2 Years As New Orders, Prices, Jobs Slow

On the heels of dismal China manufacturing data (worst PMI since March 2009) and mixed-to-weaker European data, US Manufacturing PMI printed a September preliminary 53.0 (flat from 53.0 in August and modestly better than expectations of 52.8). This is the equal lowest print since Oct 2013. Underlying components are mixed (factory prices dropped for first time in 3 years and new orders and employment slowed), but, confirming what Yellen told us last week (that the US economys is to fragile to handle a 25bps rate hike), Markit notes, "the sluggish growth, weaker forward-looking indicators and downturn in price pressures all point to the Fed holding off with rate hikes until next year."

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Why SocGen Is Very Nervous About The Recent Loss Of $9 Trillion In Global Market Cap

The good news: the collapse in global market cap since May of 2015 is not the worst ever.

The bad news: the $9 trillion drop in combined market cap between the MSCI All World index and Chinese stocks, is the second highest ever, surpassed only by the $13 plunge in global market capitalization in late 2008.

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US Services Economy 'Solid' In August - Signals September Hike Back On Table

Markit's US Services PMI printed a healthy 56.1 for August, rising for the 2nd consecutive month, comfortably beating expectations and giving The Fed more ammo for a September hike. This rise was achieved despite the weakest rise in new work in 3 months. While Markit notes that this headline print suggest 'everything is awesome' it suggests the need for more stimulus just in case, as prices are falling. Following the dramatic spike in the July ISM Services to 10 year highs, it dropped back modestly, thanks to slide in New Orders, with an August print of 59.0 - still the highest since Nov 2005, again offering no excuse for The Fed to stay on hold.

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With China's Market Chaos Offline, Futures Levitate On ECB Easing Hopes

With China closed today, the usual overnight market manipulation fireworks out of Beijing were absent but that does not meant asset levitation could not take place, and instead of the daily kick start out of China today it has been all about the ECB which as we previewed two days ago, is expected - at least by some such as ABN Amro - to outright boost its QE, while virtually everyone else expects Draghi to not only cut the ECB's inflation forecast, which reminds us of the chart which in March we dubbed the biggest hockeystick ever (we knew it wouldn't last) but to verbally jawbone the Euro as low as possible (i.e., the Dax as high as it will get) even if the former Goldmanite does not explicitly commit to more QE.

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Perfect Storm Of Worldwide PMI Slippage

Given “highly accommodative” policy almost everywhere, and so little gained; it isn’t a good sign particularly after eight incessant years of it and the lagged effects from the renewed “dollar” wave still to be withstood. Every year was supposed to be “the year”, but 2015 was a surefire lock according to orthodox versions. The real difference, unlike past years, is that everything is going wrong so far just as predicted by the “strong dollar.”

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US Manufacturing Plunges To 2-Year Lows As New Orders, Employment Tumble

Following disappoint PMIs from around the world, the US decoupling meme took another knock today as Markit PMI printed 53.0 (from 53.8) - its lowest in almost 2 years, led by a plunge in the employment subindex. Weakness was also evident in new factory orders. As Markit notes, "U.S. manufacturing sector continues to struggle under the weight of the strong dollar and heightened global economic uncertainty." On the heels of Milwaukee and Dallas Fed weakness, ISM Manufacturing printed a disastrous 51.1 (vs 52.5 expectations) - the lowest since May 2013. Employment tumbled, as did New Export ordedrs, but unadjusted New Orders plunged to its lowest since 2013, which is a problem given the massive inventory builds that have saved the world in the last few months.

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