Martin Armstrong

Paul Craig Roberts On JFK At 100

"In his second term, JFK would have broken the CIA into a thousand pieces, an intention he expressed to his brother, Robert, and the Deep State would have been terminated before it became more powerful than the President. But the military/security complex struck first, and pulled off a coup that voided all these promises and terminated American democracy."

Visualizing Trump's 'High-Risk Pool' Gamble

Under the new law, states would be able to apply for a waiver, allowing them to charge people with preexisting conditions more for their coverage. This situation could end up hurting President Trump's supporters the most...

100 Days Of Trump: A Nation Divided

An almost inconceivably large amount has been written and said about Donald Trump during his first 100 days as the president of the United States. The lion's share, it must be said, has been negative; especially internationally. But, where it matters most for the president, there is a very clear split in opinion.