Martin Armstrong

Who Feels EU Membership Has Paid Off? (Spoiler Alert: Not Italy)

Despite the rising euroskepticism and populist turmoil, majorities in many countries feel they have benefited from EU membership (90% of the Irish). However, three nations currently have a majority of their citizens who see the EU as a net negative...

New Zealand To Foreigners - Get Out!

"We have agreed on banning the purchase of existing homes by foreign buyers," Ms Ardern said on Tuesday, while also announcing plans to slash immigration and focus on job creation.

China Is Threatening America's Unicorn Dominance

The United States is the undisputed capital of the unicorn - private companies worth more than $1 billion. This title though, is becoming more and more under threat, primarily from China...

Germany's East Is Shrinking

While the overall population trend is upward (thanks to the record number of immigrants), seven of the country's sixteen federal states will see net decreases - primarily in the former German Democratic Republic (aka East Germany).

Why Germans Voted For The Far-Right 'AfD'

Perhaps key to understanding the lurch to the right is the indication that the majority of AfD voters say they made their decision not based on belief in the party, but rather as a reaction to their disappointment in the other parties.

Visualizing Guam's Strategic Importance To The US

In apparent response to Trump's promise of "fire and fury" in the event of any threat to the United States from North Korea, Pyongyang has said it is "carefully examining" a plan to attack the U.S. Territory of Guam, saying they will engulf the island with an "enveloping fire". As well as being home to over 162 thousand people, Guam is of key strategic importance to the U.S. military.