Martin Armstrong

The Feds Just Expanded Civil Asset Forfeiture 'Laws' Nationwide

Local police will now be able to seize cash, often from those suspected of drug crimes, even in states that do not condone the policy...the federal program returns cash directly to the police department that took the asset... " It is an effort to empower law enforcement,"

Meet DiDi: China's Answer To Uber

As Uber begins to falter and face stiffer competition from alternatives like Lyft, it might not be long before DiDi is the biggest ride hailing company in the world.

Why Hamburg Was The Perfect Storm For G-20 Chaos (In 1 Simple Chart)

"...according to the Hamburg police force [before this week's riots], there are 1,090 known left wing extremists residing in the city, 620 of which are considered to be prone to violence... at least 640 Salafists living in Hamburg. 310 of these have been classified as jihadist."

(Un)Locked & Loaded

" many as 38% of gun owners in the States have a loaded, easily accessible gun in the home at all times"