Robert Rodriguez

The U.S. Justice System Must Focus On Elite Criminality

"If we don’t get a grip on this now and begin to marshal our resources against the most dangerous criminals in America - those from the highest echelons of U.S. society - the country will continue to unravel and in an increasingly dangerous and chaotic fashion."

Paul Farrell Explains Why The Fed-Wall Street Complex Will Self Destruct By 2012

Some rather scary predictions out of Paul Farrell today: "It’s inevitable: Wall Street banks control the Federal Reserve system,
it’s their personal piggy bank. They’ve already done so much damage, yet
have more control than ever.Warning: That’s a set-up. They will eventually destroy capitalism,
democracy, and the dollar’s global reserve-currency status.
They will
self-destruct before 2035 … maybe as early as 2012 … most likely by
2020. Last week we cheered the Tea Party for starting the countdown to the
Second American Revolution. Our timeline is crucial to understanding the
historic implications of Taleb’s prediction that the Fed is dying, that
it’s only a matter of time before a revolution triggers class warfare
forcing America to dump capitalism, eliminate our corrupt system of
lobbying, come up with a new workable form of government, and create a
new economy without a banking system ruled by Wall Street
." And just like in the Hangover, where the guy is funny because he's fat, Farrell is scary cause he is spot on correct.

Robert Rodriguez On The Economy

Now and then there is a glitch in the matrix, and one can actually find something useful in that massive propaganda machine known as CNBC (all hail General Electric and the upcoming US nationalization of every deteriorating corporation). Presented below is an interview with Robert Rodriguez, CEO of First Pacific Advisors and Morningstar Fixed Income Fund Manager for 2008, which is quite impressive, not least in that CNBC allowed this segment to air at all, but because Rodriguez captures the essence of the collision course in which the economy is headed.