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NATO Panics As Putin Urges Trump To Force Alliance Withdrawal From Russian Border

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin urged President-elect Donald Trump to begin rebuilding the U.S.-Kremlin relationship by urging NATO to withdraw forces from the Russian border.  Dmitry Peskov told the Associated Press that such a move  "would lead to a kind of detente in Europe." Meanwhile, sensing a big change in the wind, NATO has started to panic.

"Beware Of The Shadow Government": Ron Paul Warns President-Elect Trump

There are powers bigger than just the president, and Trump is under a lot of pressure right now to take advice from people who represent the deepest and darkest interests at work in foreign policy... If Trump thinks he’s now the big boss, he’d better be very careful and watch his back.

Can Trump Deliver What Obama Didn't? "People Wanted Major Change In 2008... They Still Want It"

"Will Trump prove to be a tool of the elites as well? It is simply too early to say. In the best case scenario, he could break ties with the controllers for the sake of his own legacy and the American people and actually take an honest shot at downsizing the mess of Washington’s mismanaged control over our lives... Its a Herculean task, but if he attracts some/any of the right people, it may be possible. Let’s hope so..."

Ron Paul: Regardless Of How America Votes, Americans Want A Different Foreign Policy

"While we may not have much to cheer in Tuesday’s successful candidate, we have learned a good deal about the state of the nation from the campaigns... we now understand more clearly than ever is that the American people are fed up with politics as usual. And more importantly they are fed up with the same tired old policies."

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World Is Out of Weapons

“No one likes to admit defeat. But global policymakers, who continue to insist that there’s more they can do to revive growth and inflation, are starting to sound like Monty Python’s Black Knight (click to see video)..."

Paul Volcker Explains Why The Fed Can't Raise Rates

"Our current debt may be manageable at a time of unprecedentedly low interest rates. But if we let our debt grow, and interest rates normalize, the interest burden alone would choke our budget and squeeze out other essential spending. There would be no room for the infrastructure programs and the defense rebuilding that today have wide support."