Savings Rate

"Solid Footing"... How Is The Average Joe Really Doing?

"Overall, the U.S. economy remains on solid footing, against the backdrop of the first synchronized global economic growth we have seen in many years and accommodative financial conditions..." - Brainard

Consumption Exhaustion

"Despite policymakers’ lack of regard for this burden, it is important to keep in mind that, as debt accumulates and consumers become less capable of repaying those debts, deleveraging ensues. This means that households will become unable to sustain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Whether debts will be resolved through repayment or default, economic progress will falter."

Real Personal Spending Disappoints In July, Savings Rate Tumbles To Lowest Since Dec 2016

Following June's MoM decline in incomes, Americans saw a modest 0.4% bounce in July (better than expected). However, their spending grew less than expected (up 0.3% MoM vs 0.4% expectations). However, real personal spending rose just 0.2% MoM in July (below expectations). This sent the US personal savings rate down to just 3.5%, the lowest since December 2016.

U.S. Restaurant Industry Stuck In Worst Collapse Since 2009

After 17 consecutive months of continuous declines for the restaurant industry - the longest stretch since 2009 - the end of the tunnel for the restaurant industry is nowhere in sight, and according to the latest monthly data, there was a sharp deterioration in the latest monthly data.

SocGen: "Are We Just Prisoners Here, Of Our Own QE?"

"What strikes me, looking back to the immediate post-crisis analysis, is that while several people understood by then that the recessions which follow a financial crisis tend to linger (‘This Time is Different’ was published on September 1 2009), the idea that we could be trapped by zero/low rates(and then by QE) was not yet fashionable."