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Banks, especially the ones which lend to most US businesses were devastated by the credit bomb. Their recovery is crucial for economic recovery. Are they thawing or freezing? What is the current status of credit in America?

Faros Special Report On The Severe Consequences Of The "Build America Bond" Program Expiration

Today's tax compromise in the US extended all expiring Bush tax cuts by two years.  The story though does not end here.  The most important thing missing from the tax extension was the expected extension of the Build America Bond program.  The Build America Bond program has been the municipal market's saviour over the past 18 months.  Since their introduction in April 2009 more than 174 Bio USD of taxable securities have been sold by municipalities backed by the program, one where the US pays 35% of the interest due on the debt.On a day when the market focussed on the Budget vote in Ireland, a country that makes up about 1.8% of Europe's GDP, we are concerned that no one is looking at the growing problems in New York, California and Illinois, three states that comprise 25% of the US GDP. The expiration of the Build America Bond program could prove to be a terrible price for the US to pay and we expect squabbles in the US Congress regarding the bailing out of States in 2011 that could easily rival that which we have witnessed from the European Union over Ireland and Greece....We continue to expect that QE3 will include the purchase of Municipal debt, a true can of worms.

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The BoomBustBlog contagion model easily predicted the actions of the UK and Sweden in aiding Ireland 9 months ago. To date, the model has been quite accurate and has some dire predictions for the near future. Here's how we predicted the chain of events of Ireland, the UK and Sweden to date, and sneak peek of what we see is in store for the near future.

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While Bernanke was putting the finishing touches on QE2 in DC, 50 global financial regulators met at the New York Fed to discuss regulation of world's largest market. Instead of financial reform measures, what is being created is simply a massive new power center headed by the CFTC from which those at the top will vainly attempt to manipulate market prices and entrench favored institutions within the new framework.

Warren's Billions Thank Uncle Sam For Bailing Them Out

Nothing quite like the billionaire whose entire fortune is invested in the successful perpetuation of the ponzi, thanking the administration for taking trillions of dollars out of the taxpayers' pocket and preserving the broken system for a few more years, just so said billionaire can wax holier than thou on the pages of the administration's newspaper and thank the administration for allowing him to swim in his nickel pool through expiration. If one tries hard enough, one can almost spot a ridiculously hypocritical vicious loop in there somewhere...

BofA Takes Out Lows As Sheila Bair Says Servicers' Issues Could Be "Very Damaging", "More Problems" To Arise In Mortgage Servicing

Finally the FDIC acknowledges the shitshow:


And the kicker:


Oh, so there are flaws??? As a result, Bank of America takes out 10/20 lows

Senator Franken Sends Letter To Bernanke, Bair And Holder Demanding Criminal Charges For All Responsible For Biggest Alleged Mortgage Fraud In History

The biggest financial story which continues to get absolutely no mention on CNBC just got its latest multi-step escalation: Senator Al Franken has just blasted a letter to Tim Geithner, Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Eric Holder, John Walsh, Controller of the Currency, Sheila Bair, and, drumroll, Ben Bernanke, telling the recipients that "each of your agencies has an important role to play in addressing this egregious situation and holding all appropriate actors fully accountable. As such, I respectfully request that you collaborate to conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged misconduct. As part of this investigation, it is crucial that Ally and its employees are held fully accountable for any criminal misconduct." Since if this pervasive mortgage fraud is more than just alleged, the stink will reach to the very top of places like JP Morgan, Ally, and possibly every single bank that has been in the mortgage origination business, something tells us that Ben Bernanke, whose job is precisely to protect the banks' interests will not rush into any investigation for the duration of FASB's existence. It gets better: "Additionally, all homeowners who may have experienced illegitimate foreclosure sales, those who have been forced to defend against illegitimate foreclosure actions, and those who have been harmed must be identified. These individuals must receive proper restitution and compensation, as provided for under the law." And the punchline: "It is critical to confirm that no loans provided through the FHA or in conjunction with the HAMP program were associated with Ally's misconduct." Yes, oddly enough the government is about to lose even more credibility once it is discovered that it worked in collaboration with the biggest mortgage fraud scheme in history.

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Until I began to examine the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul bill I had no idea that it would so significantly change the direction of the United States. It's scope is so vast and pervasive that it is difficult to grasp its totality. I wrote this article to try to explain this and why I believe it is so important for us to understand it. This is the final part of this four part series. I examine the consequences of Dodd-Frank.