Steve Rattner

US Attorney General Launches Criminal, Civil Investigation Into BP Oil Spill

And here come the mutual fund liquidations. Will the US start involuntary bankruptcy proceedings against the oil giant next? Where is Steve Rattner to find some Chapter 7/11 loopholes dammit. In the meantime, we hope you are long BP CDS. Also, is it about that time for someone to ask a few questions of BP former Chairman Peter Denis Sutherland (until January 2010), who just happens to be a non-executive director of Goldman Sachs, which incidentally sold just under 5 million shares, or nearly 40% of their BP stake, in the quarter ended March 31?

Jim O'Neill's Weekend Just Got Really Bad, As China Prepares To Nullify Local Government Loan Guarantees

The horrible news hits just keep on coming for Goldman's Jim O'Neill. First the BRIC acronym creator (soon to be largely forgotten when confronted with much more awesome comparables as CRAP and STUPID, the latter of which has already been subsumed for general consumption by CNBC) is rumored to be getting the boot from Goldman due to his involvement in the Red Knights group which is seeking to acquire the Red Devils (aka Manchester United), and now China just announced it is about to pull the rug out of the entire lending concept when it announces it is nullifying loan guarantees by all local governments. Just to put this in perspective, the impact of this is akin to what Obama did to Chrysler's secured lenders, multiplied by about one Fed dollop of MBS holdings (i.e., trillion), with debtors not even getting the courtesy Steve Rattner K-Y reacharound. The total potential impact: $3.5 trillion smackers. And some large, recently bailed out bank, has been seen as claiming the CNY is about to get revalued. HA HA HA. Oh, and goodbye BRICs.

Frontrunning: December 3

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GM's Fritz Henderson Stepping Down

Talk about a brief tenure. Guess today's GM numbers were not all that hot after all. Is Steve Rattner the replacement? Or maybe the President himself can put in some private sector time (oh wait GM is publicly owned now too, nevermind).

DebtWire Reports CIT Bondholders Push For More Equity During Call

CIT bondholders are starting to disagree on who gets the spoils. This is not very surprising, seeing how they have little (read no) downside to their existing bargaining position. Either way, in today's call hosted by Little Bear Investments, the bondholders are standing firm on their bargaining position.

Regions Financial's $22.8 Billion Dollar Sink Hole

The FASB's rule mandating quarterly disclosure of Fair Value of toxic loans indicates that most financial firms are still very deep underwater. Case in point: Regions Financial, whose entire Stockholders' Equity would be in the red (and the firm would be in conservatorship at best) at this moment if the firm were to assign fair value to its loan book.

Wachtell, Lipton On The Second Circuit's Attempt To Cover Up Its Chrysler Tracks

"The Second Circuit explained that the size of the transaction and the residuum of corporate assets are factors that a bankruptcy court must consider, but are “just one consideration . . . along with an open-ended list” of other issues, such as whether the sale was on terms advantageous to the estate and whether a plan of reorganization might be proposed and confirmed in the near future. Moreover, the Chrysler court specifically held that section 363(f) of the Bankruptcy Code allows a debtor to sell assets free and clear of “successor liability” for pre-petition tort claims."

"This Call Is Being Recorded For Quality Service"

You would think that, having run an investment firm of his own, the likes of Steve Rattner would realize that many hedge funds, particularly trader-centric firms (and which aren't?) record their calls. Apparently, that detail escaped him during the Chrysler bankruptcy fiasco.

Game Over CIT

CIT Group Inc. says it sees ‘no appreciable likelihood’ of U.S. government support in the near- term. Talks with the government over aid have ceased, the company said in a Business Wire statement.

Frontrunning: July 14

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Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for first time ever, set to hit $2 trillion this fall (Wells Fargo and WSJ)

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BlackRock earns at least $71 million for managing taxpayer money (Bloomberg)

Six Flags Ad Hoc Bondholders Preparing For Big Valuation Fight

Even as Six Flags' OCC (Official Credit Committee) was being formed in Delaware last Friday, with naive participants such as BoNY, HSBC, Esopus Creek Capital, Schottenfeld Associates, John Gorman, Whirley Drink Works and Coca-Cola (the last two must be royally pissed as all their advance profits on $9.95 small cups of soda have just become General Unsecured Claims) all hoping for some meager recoveries, and financial advisors (Broadpoint, Chanin, Moelis, Mesirow, BDO and Peter J Solomon, all of which are now overnight specialists in the amusement park business) trying to bedazzle the committee with their pretty charts and glass beads (and in the case of some, expansive dinners at Tao, where engagement letters were hoped to be signed on the naked backs of blonde, barely legal, Ukranian imports), the ad hocs were preparing for war according to Debtwire.