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    05/30/2016 - 21:24
    The US Gold Market is best known as the home of gold futures trading on the COMEX in New York. The COMEX has a literal monopoly on gold futures trading volumes worldwide, but very little physical...


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Politicians: It`s not the Jobs Stupid, It`s the Job`s Strategy Stupid (Video)

We compare Germany and South Korea`s Business Development Strategy versus the United States - and how important top down leadership is in cultivating a strategic vision for a country`s growth prospects.

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What The Charts Say: Fatally Attracted To New Highs

So we’re short term overbought, with 3 unfilled gaps below and lower highs still in place with stocks being the most expensive in years and yet the NYSE Composite Index is still below key resistance. Ignore it all if you find yourself attracted to new highs. They may indeed come, just remember who gets hurt when the attraction proves fatal...

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Libertarian Party Chairman Candidate Strips To His Underwear On Stage

While badly needing an alternative to the fake left-right divison plaguing US society, American will not get a much needed, credible libertarian "third choice" for yet one another year. Here's why.

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What to Expect out of the ECB Meeting on Thursday (Video)

I expect the Euro to appreciate against the Dollar after the ECB Meeting, going into a tepid forecast for the US Employment Report on Friday.

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Is The Fed At Risk Of Choking The Market?

Janet Yellen is about to lose all credibility on the market...

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Putin Vows Retaliation Over US Missile Shield; Warns Poland, Romania Now In The "Cross Hairs"

during a joint press conference with Tsipras in Greece, Putin warned Romania and Poland they could find themselves in the sights of Russian rockets because they are hosting elements of a U.S. missile shield that Moscow considers a threat to its security. "If yesterday in those areas of Romania people simply did not know what it means to be in the cross-hairs, then today we will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security."

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Buy the VIX and Sell Equities into June Rate Hikes (Video)

On Friday Janet Yellen gave the go ahead to rate hikes, and this change in Monetary Policy (Tightening) in not currently priced into financial markets.

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Forget Chinese Commodity Speculators, Meet North America's "Moms-and-Millennials" Oil Day-Traders

We showed you the "bored" Chinese workers who traded commodity futures for excitement - Now, it's time to meet North America's oil day-traders... moms-and millenials. The recent volatility in crude oil has gotten the attention of people who do not list trading as their day job, but are randomly attempting to day trade oil anyway...“I just thought, let’s throw a couple of hundred dollars in it...and try it out...I just enjoy the risk and the thrill of the market in general.”

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The Utopian Central Bank Financial Market (Video)

Central Banks Need to either go all the way with Policy Goals, or get out of financial asset purchases altogether.

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"We Come To Mourn The Dead" - Obama Is First Sitting President To Visit Hiroshima, Offers No Apology

Ealier today, Barack Obama became the first sitting US president to visit the memorial of the American atomic bombings of Japan in Hiroshima, however without offering no apology for the attacks. The trip comes amid Japanese protests over alleged crimes committed by US troops stationed in Japan. "We have a shared responsibility to look directly in the eye of history. We must ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again," Obama said in a speech at the memorial.

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It`s A Technological Arm`s Race (Video)

I have made some changes to my Trading Rig Configuration to account for more Natural Gas Trading, the US Dollar Index, the VIX and Bonds.

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Chart Of The Day: May Registrations For The Libertarian Party Jump 20-Fold

The Libertarian Party has seen a sustained surge of new members joining, with first-time registrants in May on pace to increase 20-fold over the same period from last year.

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ALL ETFs Are Complete Garbage (Video)

If you are going to offer a product or service, basic competency is a must, especially as an investment vehicle as it is hard enough to just get the direction right of an asset, an investor doesn`t need the additional stress of having the investment instrument itself being flawed.

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Frontrunning: May 26

  • Wall Street Crime: 7 Years, 156 Cases and Few Convictions (WSJ)
  • Japan's Abe points to 2008 crisis as G7 leaders debate global risk (Reuters)
  • Brent Crude Rises Above $50 a Barrel (WSJ)
  • New York financial regulator gearing up to probe online lenders (Reuters)
  • At Swinging Wall Street Parties, the Feds Are Now on the Prowl (BBG)
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