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    12/01/2015 - 13:57
    While a good portion of us here in the states spent last week in a collective food coma, Australian zoologist, Adam Britton, launched a crowdfunding campaign to continue research on one of Paul Hogan...


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U.S. Mint Gold Eagles See Sales Surge, Silver at Record

Smart money continues to accumulate gold and silver coins. Demand for American Eagle silver coins has also been strong, with year-to-date sales already reaching an annual record at 44.67 million ounces, breaking the full-year record of 44 million ounces in 2014

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Roadside Bomb Explosion At Istanbul Train Station Kills 1, Injures 6 - Live Feed


One person has been killed and at least six more injured as Turkey's Haberturk TV reports an explosion occurred at an Istanbul Metro station. The trains have been halted, passengers evacuated, and ambulances are on their way. While the cause is unknown (some are suggesting it was a power transformer), sounds of the explosion were heard across several districts of Istanbul according to local press, and residents of the city remain on high alert following Erdogan's actions last week.


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Erdogan Says Will Resign If Oil Purchases From ISIS Proven After Putin Says Has "More Proof"

"At the moment we have received additional information confirming that that oil from the deposits controlled by Islamic State militants enters Turkish territory on industrial scale."

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Fourth Turning - Our Rendezvous With Destiny

"Eventually, all of America’s lesser problems will combine into one giant problem. The very survival of the society will feel at stake, as leaders lead and people follow. The emergent society may be something better, a nation that sustains its Framers’ visions with a robust new pride. Or it may be something unspeakably worse. The Fourth Turning will be a time of glory or ruin."

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Gold Demand in China Heading For Record and Reserves Increase 14 Tonnes In October

While gold prices continue to languish in the doldrums and are on course for their worst month since 2013, global demand and especially Chinese retail, investor and official demand continues to remain very robust. Indeed, China looks likely to see a new record demand for gold annually again in 2015.

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Argentines Stumped By Mystery Trucks Loaded With $130 Million In "High Denomination" Bills

Apparently taking a page out of the Spanish government's playbook, Argentines in the Santa Cruz region were surprised yesterday afternoon when at least five bright yellow armored trucks accompanied by heavily armed police paraded through the city. Just weeks after Kirchner's Peroniost government lost the election, and coming after five office fires (destroying banking and economic files from the current regime), local press reports the trucks loaded up with $130 million of banknotes at the airport and driven to banks in the region where outgoing President Kirchner's sister-in-law is governor. Amid comments by the central bank that there are no reserves left, and ongoing discussions of larger banknote denominations and (implied 50% devaluations), one could only speculate where the officially "business-as-usual" transfer of $100s of millions of banknotes will end up.

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"Friend & Ally" Or "Barbaric Death Cult" - You Decide

The latest deranged idea floated by US 'ally and friend' Saudi Arabia’s monarchs is to sue Twitter users comparing the barbaric kingdom to ISIS. The following table demonstrates precisely why the Saudis are so sensitive about the topic. Namely, because the accusations are true.

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Using New "Pre-Crime" Laws France Arrests 24 Climate Activists

French police fired teargas Sunday to disperse climate change activists in Paris who threw objects at them during a demonstration ahead of key UN talks. Riot police took action after a small group of masked protesters in the Place de la Republique square began chanting "State of emergency, police state", after 24 climate activists were arrested under France's new "state of emergency" laws.

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Violence Erupts In Turkey After Prominent Lawyer Is Assassinated On Live TV

A day after Turkey arrested two journalists for their report exposing Erdogan's weapon deliveries to extremist groups in Syria, confirming that no dissent to the president's foreign policy would be allowed, today a new riot has erupted in Istanbul following the dramatic murder in broad daylight of Tahir Elci, the president of the Turkish bar association in southeastern Diyarbakir province, who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen while giving a public speech.

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