• dazzak
    02/11/2016 - 10:54
    Because so much is riding on what so few decide,once the faith in the Central Banks fail, the chances of us getting out of this diminish every second...


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Frontrunning: February 11

  • Gold Roars to One-Year High as Turmoil Drives Safe Haven Demand (BBG)
  • Banking Stocks Pummeled in Europe (WSJ)
  • Dollar, stocks plunge sparks scramble for safety (Reuters)
  • Nymex Crude Slips Below $27 a Barrel (WSJ)
  • No Respite for S&P 500 as U.S. Stock Futures Join Global Selloff (BBG)
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EIA Inventory Report and Oil Market Analysis 2 10 2016 (Video)

U.S. Oil Production is starting to roll over, fundamentals are changing in the oil market.

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Twitter Unveils In-House "Ministry Of Truth"

The Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984, is one of the most important agencies of the government, for an uninformed or misinformed populace can be confused, deceived, and directed easily by controlling powers. So, in order for users to feel confident expressing themselves "freely and safely," Twitter is debuting a new advisory group dubbed the "Trust & Safety Council." But a quick glance at its membership roster suggests the council is almost as Orwellian as it sounds - and overwhelmingly biased in favor of speech suppression.

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Here Is The Reason Why Twitter Is Crashing After Hours

What do you call a "growth" stock that has stopped growing?

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USDJPY Plunges To 113 Handle - Gives Up QQE2 Gains

Central Banks are losing control everywhere...

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Doland Trump, Bernie Sanders Win New Hampshire Primary - Live Feed

Literally one second after the polls closed at 8:00 pm, virtually all the media outlets, including AP, NBC and CNN, covering the NH primary called the outcome:

Republican winner: Donald Trump
Democrat winner: Bernie Sanders

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Platinum and Palladium Analysis (Video)

We look at Platinum and Palladium metals from the technical side in this video.

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Former Fed President Demands Negative Rates To Combat "Terrible" Fiscal Policy

These are trying times. Fortunately, Narayana Kocherlakota is a "courageous" man with "daring" solutions.

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Deutsche Bank Stock Crashes To Record Low

Moments ago, in response to DB's open querry on Twitter whether the Dax is "overreacting", we highlighted DB's soaring CDS and asked if perhaps the market was not underreacting. Minutes later the market opined, by sending DB stock to new all time lows.

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Turkey, Saudi Arabia Mull Syria Ground Invasion As Russia, Hezbollah Decimate Rebels

"Our whole existence is now threatened, not just losing more ground. They are advancing and we are pulling back because in the face of such heavy aerial bombing [by Russia] we must minimize our losses."

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Monday Humor: A Preview Of The Bernie Sanders Presidency

Pres(ident)ed with no comment.

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Edge vs Risk Management (Video)

Some traders think having good risk management in place is an edge, but there is a distinction to be made here.

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Gunshots Heard In Hong Kong As Police Battle Angry Crowds On First Day Of Chinese New Year

17 months after the "Umbrella Revolution", the streets of Hong Kong have once again turned chaotic on the first day of the Chinese New Year...

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