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Ban Goldman Sachs from Playing in Commodity Markets

The bigger question is why it's taken 5 since after the financial crisis to realize these big banks are bad market participants? 


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President Obama Could Give Middle Class a Bailout with SPR Release

We bail everybody else out in this country, why not middle-class Americans via an SPR Release to counter high prices at the pump?


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Why the Federal Reserve will taper in September

The multi-bubble machine called the Fed is at it again. This time they managed to create a gigantic bond bubble which will dwarf both the dot-com- and the housing bubble combined.


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Earnings Season Is Starting to Look Like a Disaster

This earnings season is much worse as almost every single company is missing on the revenue side which is not as easily to "fix" as the EPS.... 


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Gasoline Supplies Highest for July Period Since 1992

Gasoline supplies for this time of year are higher than at any time in the last 20 years.  There are plenty of oil inventories.  So why in the heck are consumers paying record prices right now?


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Russian Stock Market Slides Following Conviction Of Prominent Dissident Navalny

A few hours ago, in a somewhat ironic development, Russia's most prominent opposition campaigner - whom some have likened to the US' own Edward Snowden in terms of his whistleblowing aspirations - was found guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to five years in prison, some 19 months after leading the biggest protests to challenge the Kremlin's rule since the Soviet Union's collapse. This immediately hit none other than the local "wealth effect" with RIA reporting that "Russia's stock market fell sharply on Thursday according to Moscow Exchange data, after investors took in the news that opposition blogger Alexei Navalny had been found guilty in a controversial fraud trial and sentenced to five years in jail."


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Oil's Middle East Fallacy

“There is no cure for high prices, like high prices.” This is why the Middle East can never truly have a prolonged supply shortage. They will price their customers out of the market!


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Austerity and Gross Domestic Production

The concept we call gross domestic production (GDP) is highly distortive. It obfuscates intelligent debate in economics as the true underlying force for economic growth, capital accumulation, is seen as detrimental to prosperity


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Premiums High In China and India - China Gold Deliveries Double

Trading of spot bullion of 99.99 percent purity on the Shanghai exchange exceeded 20 tons every day between April 16 and May 6. That’s more than four times the daily average in 2012. Volume reached a record 43.27 metric tons on April 22.

China’s net gold imports from Hong Kong increased 40% in May from a month earlier as the metal’s deepening slump continued to attract bargain hunters to bullion shops in China and Asia.


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Even Oil Executives Know Oil Prices are Too High!

It is obvious that the oil market is out of touch with the fundamentals.  But this is just my analysis, let`s hear what Oil industry executives believe.


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1% Growth: QE Policy a Failure, Time for A Change

Ben Bernanke blames fiscal policies out of Washington.  However, it is starting to look more and more like Fed policy is equally to blame for the lackluster U.S. GDP growth.


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Guest Post: 10 Points To Consider In The Natural-Gas-Vehicle Debate

The perception of natural gas as a mainstream fuel for vehicles runs the gamut, dependent upon where you live: from the improbable... to the viable... to the everyday reality. So here are ten points to stir up the melding pot of the great natural gas vehicle debate.


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US Long End Auctions (10yr and 30yr) Post Mortem

Wednesday and Thursday of last week were the US 10yr and 30yr auctions.  These auctions (combined with the price action in the secondary market leading up to the auctions) are the best times to gauge demand for UST paper.


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Oil in Tankers to Manipulate Prices?

The last two weeks oil inventories fell by a record 20 million barrels, this event has never happened in 30 years of historical data.  Something just doesn`t add up here...


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The Day After: Widespread Angry Protests, Tactical Alerts, Some Vandalism, No Major Riots

Despite the worst fears of many that this morning America might wake up to a redux of a flaming Compton and Watts, so far there have been no widespread riots or looting, even if vandalism has broken out sporadically among the countrywide angry protests.


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