In Maduro's Latest Crackdown, Venezuela's Assembly Removes Dissident Prosecutor

In Venezuela's latest crackdown on all opposition voices, on Saturday the country's newly convened pro-government constituent assembly removed dissident state prosecutor Luisa Ortega - the highest-ranking member of President Nicolas Maduro’s administration to break ranks with the dictator - from her job in what critics said was a blatant example of Maduro's new dictatorship flexing its muscles.

Bitcoin Explodes Above $3000 To Record Highs

Despite the ongoing demise of Bitcoin Cash (down another 13% today) since the fork 4 days ago, cryptocurrencies are surging higher this morning with Bitcoin up 12% to a new record high at $3230.

Shocking Footage Of Saudi Siege Against Own Citizens

The Saudi regime is in the midst of an extreme and brutal crackdown against its own citizenry in the country's Eastern province - a situation now spiraling out of control with rising civilian deaths, entire neighborhoods turned to rubble, and reports that water and electricity have been cut.

Watch Live: Jeff Sessions Announces Crackdown On Leakers

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are holding a press conference, briefing the media on leaks of classified material and the Administration's efforts to crack down on future incidents.

PCR: "The Witch Hunt For Donald Trump Surpasses Salem"

"The breathless hype of a nonexistent 'Russian collusion' has been the lead news story for months despite the fact that no one, not the CIA, not the NSA, not the FBI, not the Director of National Intelligence, can find a scrap of evidence...That this led to a special prosecutor shows how totally corrupt justice in America is."