Warren Buffett

What Causes Asset Bubbles?

When we see a dramatic rise in asset prices, there is often an internal struggle between the two types of investors within us...The first is the value investor, “is this investment getting too expensive?”...The second is the momentum investor, “am I missing out on a trend?”

The Source Of The Next Crisis

"I finally get it. Shorting VIX, at these low levels, in the size they are doing, is not only dumb, but crazily dangerous, not only to the parties trading it, but also to the stability of the entire financial system."

Finnish Fund Manager Launches 'Buffett-In-A-Box' A.I.-Based Fund... There's Just One Thing

Amid the empty-vessel-driven "deep-learning", "artificial-intelligence", and "algorithmic" narratives-du-jour, more and more fund managers are jumping on the bandwagon. The latest is Finnish fund manager FIM, who is introducing the first investment fund in the Nordic region, where a self-learning algorithm gets to pick all the stocks. There's just one thing...