Wells Fargo

Buffett Adds Another 3.9 Million Apple Shares, Cuts IBM, Wells Fargo Shares: Full Q3 Holdings

Traditionally one of the most boring, and telegraphed 13-Fs, today's update of Berkshire holdings did not contain any major surprises, well maybe with one exception: while it was already well-known that at the end of June Buffett converted roughly 700 million Bank of America preferred shares into common, which now appear on Berkshire's 13F, there were two notable changes.

Great Voids Have A Way Of Filling

"One way price discovery, volatility compression and over 8 years of central bank intervention has paved the way to a general attitude that investors can’t lose money being long..."

Frontrunning: October 30

  • Paul Manafort, Who Once Ran Trump Campaign, Told to Surrender (NYT)
  • Russia Probe Puts Focus on Washington Research Firm (WSJ)
  • Trump tax overhaul under intensifying fire as Congress readies bill (Reuters)
  • House Tax Writer Gives Ground on a State and Local Tax Break (BBG)
  • Work resumes normally in Catalonia as Spain enforces direct rule (Reuters)
  • Russia Wields Oil Diplomacy, Pushing In on U.S. Interests (NYT)

Krieger Rages "'America First' Is A Joke. Wall Street Wins Again"

"Wall Street owns the U.S. economy and until that’s dealt with, the American public will continue to be preyed upon voraciously and lawlessly by some of the most unethical parasites the world has ever seen. Obama was a historical disaster on this issue, coddling and protecting banker oligarchs every step of the way. Trump’s no different..."

The Cost Of Delusion - Asset Prices & Monetary Policy In An Irrational World

"The lesson for investors is that much of the picture presented today in prices for various assets classes is an illusion foisted upon us all by reckless central bankers. Yellen and her colleagues seem to think that they can spin straw into gold by manipulating markets and asset prices..."

Investors Are Ignoring The Evidence At Their Peril

"Exuberance and confidence are at the highest levels on record, but the underlying stories are beginning to weave a tale of an economy that is very late in the current cycle... Importantly, these are not short-term stories either. The long-term picture for the economy and the markets from the three biggest factors (Debt, Deflation, and Demographics) continues to build."