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Whitney Tilson

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Whitney Tilson's Bull Case On BP

There are some, like Pimco and Whitney Tilson's T2, who enjoy talking their book, and demonstrating they just love to live dangerously by buying the stock of a company which has an Upside/Downside ratio of 1 (or 100% on both sides, with the government dead set on pushing the "equation" solidly to the D side). Then, there are those, who would rather go to Vegas, breathe in deeply some beta radiation courtesy of the Us DoD and DoE, play some serious blackjack, get the presidential suite and all the Grey Goose comped, and have the very same wining odds as a BP investment, even as the house is gamed to win in the long run (thank you HFT).For those in the first camp, below, courtesy of My Investing Notebook, is Whitney Tilson's case on why BP's stock price belongs tens of dollars higher. For the sake of Blackrock and every pensioner in the UK, we hope Tilson is correct. For now, he has a ways to get above hist cost basis.

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Whitney Tilson Fund Update

Whitney Tilson's T2 rose 4.6% in March, and 10.1% in Q1, primarily due to its GGP holdings. Also, Iridium appears to still be in business and generating returns for T2. Other longs include such non-blue chips as Borders, Winn-Dixie, Resource America and Yahoo. The fund's short book seems to not have done so well, with key names Lululemon, DineEquity and MBIA surging during the period. The one bright spot on the short side was Palm.

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Whitney Tilson Year End Letter

Whitney Tilson is still extremely bullish on GGP. Whether he is right, or if the stock was simply floating, suspended by a rising beta tide since the beginning of the rally, will soon be determined. Even sooner if the current incipient correction accelerates. And soonest if it turns out Almunia was just buying banks time to offload their GGB holdings and Greece defaults over the next several weeks.

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Whitney Tilson And High Frequency Trading v3

Whitney Tilson continues investigating High Frequency Trading

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Whitney Tilson Probes Deeper Into High Frequency Trading

"Lots of feedback on the high frequency trading issue"

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T2's Whitney Tilson On Toxic Trading

T2's Whitney Tilson on Themis Trading and Zero Hedge

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Whitney Tilson: "Why There Is More Pain To Come"

An Overview Of The Housing Crisis And Why There Is More Pain To Come

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Whitney Tilson On The Housing Mirage

Particularly notable are slides 63 and 64 for all who care to see beyond the propaganda.

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