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Geoffrey Raymond

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The "Formerly Brilliant Dimon" And Maxine Waters Debate Delta Hedging And Negative Convexity Live

As if last week's bought and paid for by JPMorgan media circus in the Senate was not enough, in which Jamie Dimon played several bribed muppets like a fiddle, today we get part two. Momentarily, the Committee on Financial Services will pick up the baton where the Senate left off, and confirm to everyone that the people who lead this country, at least on paper, are some of the most incompetent, and outright clueless when it comes to financial matters. The same matters that have led America to the Second great depression, which has so far been prevented from wiping out 20% of the economy only courtesy of Bernanke's relentless money printing. Dimon's testimony, which is a replica of last week's, can be found here. In other news, Jamie Dimon is furious he never bribed Maxine Waters before. Now he will have to explain introductory math for absolute idiots. Karma is a bitch.

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Geoffrey Raymond. ('nuff said.)

Just in case you haven't noticed, Zero Hedge is proud to offer a series of print reproductions by Geoffrey Raymond.  Yes, that Geoffrey Raymond.  This is your chance to own a piece of meltdown history, and support one of the great meltdown visionaries of our time.  The prints are limited runs, so get them while they last.

Visit the online catalog here:  http://www.zerohedge.com/ray

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Update on Geoffrey Raymond's Artistic Trek Thru The Depression

As we have pointed out before, one of the best artistic investments in this depression is possibly the artwork of Geoffrey Raymond.

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