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Falling Interest Rates Have Postponed "Peak Oil"

"The new crisis can be expected to be 'Peak Economy' instead of Peak Oil. Peak Economy is likely to have a far different shape than Peak Oil - a much sharper downturn. It is likely to affect many aspects of the economy at once. The financial system will be especially affected. "

The Path To Inflation: "Helicopter Money"

The general view in inflation is dead, essentially forever. Maybe. Maybe not. The next recession won't be "fixed" with the central bank playbook of more free money for financiers.

JPM: "There Is A Cloud Hanging Over The Equity Rally, But Stocks Don't Seem To Mind (For Now)"

"There still isn’t a specific fundamental “reason” for the US Thurs rally other than stocks are benefiting from ongoing upside momentum. TSY yields ended Thurs flat and they are unchanged so far Fri morning). The inability of TSY yields to rise (along w/the dramatic multi-month curve flattening process) remains a cloud hanging over the equity rally but stocks obviously don’t seem to mind (for now)."

Mortgage Rates Tumble To 6-Month Lows

After a week of dismal housing data, a silver lining perhaps. The spike in U.S. mortgage rates since the November presidential election has been cut in half.

Wards Slashes 2017 Auto SAAR Forecast; Sees May Sales Down 1.9% YoY

"The seasonally adjusted annual rate for the month will be 16.9 million vehicles, down from 17.3 million last year.  While consumers will see substantial discounts this Memorial Day weekend, they are not expected to overcome the slowing demand in auto sales."