Frontrunning: November 8

  • A year in: U.S. stock market under Trump's shadow (Reuters)
  • Democrats’ Wins in Virginia, New Jersey Fan Hopes for Anti-Trump Momentum (WSJ)
  • New York Gives De Blasio a Second Chance, Re-Electing Him as Mayor (BBG)
  • Democrat Wins New Jersey Governor’s Race as Voters Pan Christie, Trump (BBG)
  • Trump Starts China Visit Seeking Progress on Trade and North Korea (BBG)

Class Warfare: People Are Out For Blood

"...The basis of this outrage is that rich and powerful people are ‘hiding’ trillions of dollars in offshore tax havens, places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands..."

Chris Hedges: Our Ever-Deadlier Police State

"None of the reforms, increased training, diversity programs, community outreach and gimmicks such as body cameras have blunted America’s deadly police assault..."

Frontrunning: October 30

  • Paul Manafort, Who Once Ran Trump Campaign, Told to Surrender (NYT)
  • Russia Probe Puts Focus on Washington Research Firm (WSJ)
  • Trump tax overhaul under intensifying fire as Congress readies bill (Reuters)
  • House Tax Writer Gives Ground on a State and Local Tax Break (BBG)
  • Work resumes normally in Catalonia as Spain enforces direct rule (Reuters)
  • Russia Wields Oil Diplomacy, Pushing In on U.S. Interests (NYT)

Who Feels EU Membership Has Paid Off? (Spoiler Alert: Not Italy)

Despite the rising euroskepticism and populist turmoil, majorities in many countries feel they have benefited from EU membership (90% of the Irish). However, three nations currently have a majority of their citizens who see the EU as a net negative...

The EU Lectures Journalists About PC Reporting

" not associate terms such as 'Muslim' or 'Islam'... with particular acts," because to do that is to "stigmatize." What exactly does this mean? That when a man shouts "Allahu Akbar" after having gunned down, run over with a truck, or blown to bits dozens of innocent pedestrians or concertgoers, we are supposed to ignore that little detail?

Frontrunning: October 16

  • Iraq-Kurd Fighting Threatens to Undo Anti-ISIS Coalition (WSJ)
  • Oil rises as fighting escalates in Iraq's oil-rich Kirkuk (Reuters)
  • Madrid moves towards direct rule over Catalonia (Reuters)
  • Central Bankers Cling to Stimulus Amid Weak Inflation (WSJ)
  • White House pitches corporate tax cut as win for workers (Reuters)